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List of Best Schools in Faridabad

Faridabad is a city located in the state of Haryana and is a part of the NCR. It has some wonderful schools that offer high quality education. Some of these schools are also ranked among the best schools in the country. Here is a list of the top 10 best schools in Faridabad for the academic session 2022-2023.

1. Apeejay School Faridabad

Apeejay School Faridabad

Address: – Sector 15, Urban estate, Faridabad – 121007.

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Established back in 1972, by Dr. Styn Paul, Apeejay School is a private coeducational school setup in Faridabad and is affiliated to CBSE. It aims at providing standard teaching of global dimensions focusing on man-making and nation-building.

The school aims to build an institution that upholds the highest professional standards of excellence in education and innovation. Apeejay is directed towards developing individuals with professional talents and intellects.

The campus building extends to about 9 acres and houses the primary and secondary wings. It is outfitted with fully equipped facilities like Multiple science laboratories, different halls for fine arts, music and dance for creative trainings and development of the child’s multiple talents, facilities for physical fitness and sports like football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and badminton courts, a large auditorium, the library which houses over 18,000 books and 4 periodicals for both students and teachers, LCD rooms, a swimming pool with dedicated instructors , two computer laboratories for ICT.

2. Delhi Public School Faridabad

Delhi Public School Faridabad

Address: – Sector 19, Mathura Road, Faridabad, Haryana.

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Delhi Public school, Faridabad was founded in 2955 and managed by the Delhi Public School Society. Delhi Public school society in their bid to ensure the education of the underprivileged children launched a social responsibility program in the institution called DPS Shiksha Kendre which provides underprivileged children with equipment like books, stationary and also uniforms.

The campus building covers about 8 acres of landmass which house the classrooms, a hostel, playing field, a canteen, open-air theater, student information system department (SIS) which provides effective digital information and communication, sports facilities for various sporting events. DPS generates its electricity through a solar power plant installed on its rooftop to meet all of its electricity needs and also supplies electricity to the Haryana government.

The institution ensures the children’s safety by tracking their movement to and back from school through an app build by a Bangalore company called Northstar. It also provides transport services to its students.

3. Modern DPS

Modern DPS

Address: – Sector 87, Tigaon Road

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Modern Delhi Public School, Faridabad is a joint venture between Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi and Northern Coalfields Limited, Nigahi. The school was set up in 1995 with its affiliation to CBSE. It is a coeducational public school whose mission and vision is creating a frame to intersect technology with rapidly transforming educational landscape to build a space that will encourage and facilitate a re-imagination and reinvention of powerful novel ways of individual and collective learning in a promising environment.

Modern DPS aspires to harness the progressively growing potential in technology to foster consistent individual and collective growth of the students and teachers through creating opportunities for leadership and exploration of STEM learning and development of innovation.

The schools cover about 10 acres of landmass which houses the campus building. It is equipped with spacious air-conditioned classrooms, fully equipped resource center, three science laboratories, IT lab with P4 processors to boast IT, a sports complex for various sporting events, etc.

4. Manav Rachna International School Faridabad

Manav Rachna International School Faridabad

Address: – Sector 14, Faridabad.

E-Mail: – [email protected]

MRIS is a coeducational school affiliated to CBSE and was established in 1983. The school is posed at developing a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing his physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual and aesthetic needs. The school focuses on total personality development, conceptual ability, and skill devilment through its exclusively developed curriculum, structured methodologically.

The school has emerged as the best choice for students globally by putting the child at the heart of learning to become a transformation leader through understanding knowledge and skill that can drive innovation for a better future. Self-reliance, self-motivation, and consistency, are all perks that the School provides the students, along with an environment offering freedom of expression and growth.

The school is outfitted with techno planet labs, Manav Rachna sports academy, digital campus, transportation facilities, and security etc.

5. Dav Public School Faridabad

Dav Public School Faridabad

Address: – Sector 14, Faridabad, Haryana, 121007

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Dav Public school Faridabad is a coeducational private institution established in 1886 and it is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school of one of the top 10 private schools recognized by the Directorate of Education, India in 1886. The school is on a mission to educate children for life, to instill Vedic values, ignite and hone the latent talent of the students through providing a holistic, child-centered approach to a safe and secure learning environment. It aims to inculcate a sense of inquiry and scientific temperament in the minds of the students to cultivate leadership qualities, broadening the mental horizon and refine aesthetic inclination.

Dav provides quality education along the modern line without disturbing the young scholars’ root, in the glorious Indian culture by incorporating the latest teaching methods and state of the infrastructures. The school is outfitted with laboratories, computer labs, music rooms, a gymnasium for mental and physical fitness, an auditorium, a large conference hall, a library, skating rinks etc.

6. Modern Vidya Niketan Sector 17

Modern Vidya Niketan Sector 17

Address: – Modern Vidya Niketan Sr. Sec School, Sector 17, Faridabad, Haryana

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Modern Vidya Niketan is a co-educational school established in 1983 by Late Shri Gopal Sharma and managed by the MVN society and affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The institution is committed to provide quality education, develop students who are self – reliant, compassionate and lifelong learners. These commitments are demonstrated by the man achievements of its students. MVN is considered one of the best schools in India with the highest number of IIT and IIT – JEE successful students from 2001 to date.

The campus covers about 2.25 acres of land mas which houses its fully equipped smart classrooms which is spacious and air-conditioned with overhead projectors and sound systems. The schools is also equipped with some state of the art facilities; fully equipped laboratories which include science and computer labs, library, an auditorium, faculty rooms, campus-wide internet broadband, placement office, sports facilities for cricket, tennis, badminton, basketball, football and an Olympic sized swimming pool, etc.

7. Eicher Public School

Eicher Public School

Address: – Plot No. 344 Sector 46, Faridabad, Haryana.

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Eicher School is a coeducational private school established in 1994 and recognized by the Directorate of Education, India. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and students take the AISSE (class x) and AISSCE (class xii) exams yearly.

The institution is committed to creating an ethical and effective learning environment that promotes learning not just as a tool to earn but also as an intimate desire to explore the world. At Eicher, there is a union between teaching and learning which means that both teachers and students are engaged in the process to reduce fear and stress.

The campus is outfitted with state of the art facilities like a library for both the teachers and students, science lab, math lab, an Olympic sized swimming pool, and a very large auditorium. The schools also encourage physical and mental fitness with its sports facilities for various sporting events like football, basketball, etc. 

8. Modern Vidya Niketan School Sector 43

Modern Vidya Niketan School Sector 43

Address: – Badhkal Surajkund Road, Sector 43, Faridabad, Haryana

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Modern Vidya Niketan School Aravalli Hills is a coeducational private school established in 1983 by Late Shri Gopal Sharma. The school is a sister college of Modern Vidya Niketan, school, sector 17. It is also affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education and was widely recognized as the best CBSE School in India, 2017. But was however ranked 50th best in 2018.

The school upholds the initial vision of its founder to revolutionize the education sector of Faridabad and provide quality in the field of education. Modern Vidya College blends quality with technology and world-class infrastructure. The school consistently generate outstanding results in CBSE and other competitive examinations

The school covers over 8 acres of land which houses the campus building, fully equipped smart classrooms, dedicated laboratories for science and computers, library, high-speed campus-wide internet broadband. Sports facilities for physical and mental fitness include; tennis, badminton, basketball, football, etc.

9. Ryan International School

Ryan International School

Address: – Ryan International School opp. Community Center 21 – B, Faridabad, Haryana.

E-Mail: –[email protected]

Ryan International School Faridabad was established in 199 by its founding chairman Dr, Augustine F. Pinto, and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto. It is part of the vast networked Ryan International Group of schools. The school shares an English medium, CBSE curriculum in its pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development.

The School not only aims at providing quality education, but it also creates an all-round development scenario for its students to excel in academics, creative skills, brilliance, and strength. It focusses to develop global citizens with self-confidence who can contribute positively to community life, build tolerance, accountability and also able to deal with emotional and spiritual quotients. The school also delivers a curriculum that incorporates activities based on the multiple intelligences theory developed by Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University. The theory leads to integrity, creativity, and critical thinking.

The campus building is fully equipped with various state of the art facilities which includes; activity-based e-learning, fully equipped computer labs, well maintained and updated library, dedicated laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology. Sports facilities like; training field for football, basketball and handball courts, indoor games block for table tennis, chess, Judo, and skating rinks. The school also actively participates in MSSA, MSDAA, and ACSM.  The school also incorporates co-curricular activities and excursions like NASA trip, social service tech camp, ICEPLEX a Ryan media initiative, etc.

10. Apeejay Svran Global School

Apeejay Svran Global School

Address: – Sector 21 – D, Faridabad

E-Mail:- [email protected]

Apeejay Svran Global School is a coeducational institution, affiliated to CBSE, established in 2011 under the aegis of the Apeejay Education Society is a leading educational body with a history of excellence in education. Apeejay Svran is committed to promoting a system of integral education in a child-friendly environment that emphasizes the unity of all knowledge, synthesizes humanities and science and also recognizing that each child is unique. The school aims to provide quality education in global dimensions, leading to man-making and nation-building.

The campus is an architecturally well designed and spacious digital campus with equipped with state of the art smart classrooms, well stacked digital libraries, science labs, robotics lab, and biotechnology lab with the latest equipment, software, and high-speed campus-wide internet broadband. Modern sports facilities for active participation in indoor and outdoor games like; athletics, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, hockey, table tennis, squash, yoga and meditation, fitness and aerobics, volleyball.

The school also exploits teaching-learning methodology with an emphasis on digital aided teaching-learning, and evaluating projects and ongoing/formation evaluation with more emphasis on holistic all-round development of the child through various scholastic and co-scholastic activities value-based educational programs.

Note:- The factors taken into consideration while compiling this include, but are not limited to, infrastructure, facilities, academic record, school achievements, student achievements, recognition, alumni, impact, prestige and popularity.

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Originally drafted by:- Obianigwe Michael Chukwuebuka

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Farhat Jamil

I am a simple & straightforward person with a keen interest & flare for writing. I believe in writing precise & to the point articles. I am confident & I understand the needs of various sections of society. I think I am fairly educated to understand the doubts & find suitable solution regarding education in India.


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