What is the Full Form of UGC?

The full form of UGC is University Grants Commission, India. It is an initiative of the Indian Union Government in accordance with the UGC act 1956. Under the Ministry of Human Resources Development and affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education.

Full form of UGC
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The commission is tasked with the responsibility of coordinating, determining and maintaining the standards of higher education across the country. It provides recognition and disburses funds to universities and colleges it recognized. The commission has regional centres in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, Pune and Bhopal, with its headquarters in New Delhi.


The commission was formed in 1945 to manage and oversee all the activities of the three central Indian universities of Banaras, Delhi, and Aligarh. Those responsibilities were extended to cover all Indian Universities in 1947.

From 1948 – 1949, the University Education Commission was set up under the Chairmanship of S. Radhakrishnan to “investigate the Indian University Education and suggest improvements and extensions”. In August 1949, the committee submitted its report to reconstitute the University Grants commission similar to the University Grants Committee of the United Kingdom. In 1950, the Indian government decided that the UGC handles all grants to universities and institutions of higher learning. The commission was later inaugurated on 28th Dec 1953 by the Minister of Education, Natural Resources and Scientific Research, MaulanaAbulKalam Adad.


According to the UGC act, 1956. The commission is required to provide funds to Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning, coordinate, determine and maintain the ethics of these Institutions. The commission since constitution and responding to the rapid growth of small, medium and large Universities in the country, has set up standards which prospective UGC approved Institution must meet up to in order to be recognized. Among other functions of the University Grants Commission includes.

·        Maintain connections between the Union, State Governments and various Institutions of Higher Learning.

·        Scrutinizes the rapid growth in the field of University and College Education.

·        Set standards for examinations like UGC Net, CSIR NET, and ICAR NET.

·        Establish policies for minimum standards of Education.

·        Promote and coordinate Universities and Institutions it recognizes

·        Recommend procedures for mandatory positive changes in Universities and institutions of Higher Learning to the Central and State Governments.

The commission also encourages growth in education and research by the provision of scholarships, fellowships, Research grants and merit awards. The UGC scholarships are projected towards assisting financially disabled students who can contribute positively to the development of the country continue their education without financial difficulties. UGC scholarships include;

·        The Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates

·        The Post – Doctoral Fellowship for SC and ST Candidates

·        The Emeritus Fellowship for teachers

·        The Dr S. Radha Krishnan Post – Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences

·        National Fellowship for the higher education of ST candidates.

·        Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC candidates

·        Swami Vivekananda single girl scholarship for researches in social sciences.

·        National fellowship for persons with disabilities

·        National fellowship for OBE candidates

·        Maulana Adad national fellowship for minority students.

·        Major research project (MRP).

·        Raman fellowship for post-doctoral research for Indian scholars in the USA.

·        The Post – Graduate scholarship for professional courses for SC and ST candidates.

·        Special Assistance program.

While other awards the UGC provides for brilliant researchers and lecturers include;

·        UGC National Veda Vyas Sanskrit Awards

·        UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards

·        UGC Swami PranavanandaSaraswati National Awards.


The Ministry of Human Resources Development in June 2018 announced its plans to repeal the UGC act and replace it with a new body. The Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). The would mark a major policy reform in the History of Higher Education in India.

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