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We are bound to time and schedule set by the world and we run with it every day. This is true for people of all gender, ages, and times. This routine may not last forever and most of us, especially the kids, may get a day, a week, a month, or even a year where our schedule breaks or changes, and we get time on our hands with which we do not understand what we want to do. It can be due to a holiday, pandemic, or just the succession of a phase in life, like going from nursery to school or traditional learning to virtual learning or just so. Here is an article on ways to spend a day indoors productively.

The Need for productivity:

The extra time can cause dullness and just cause ‘rust’, specifically for kids. The extra time needs to be utilized productively and creatively as kids need to be active. A new or existing task or skill can be polished with this time. Parents should not get rusty with their kid’s skills; the addition of a skill or hobby always would help in one way or the other in their lives and managing their extra time with proper habits will make lives easier. Also, give peace of mind along with setting kids up for building up themselves better life skills and personality.

This pandemic can cause minds to get muddled and naïve minds of kids can get depressing or irritated due to inactiveness. People of all kinds, different ages, gender, life phase, and even mindsets need to divert their free time in improving themselves and not fall prey to mental stress. Some of the time is diverted towards keeping a child’s mind and themselves occupied but within the safety of homes and with the materials available in the surrounding. Even using the time while not causing a hole in your pocket or causing even more stress is also manageable. The simplest and easiest of tasks can qualify as a productive activity.

Ways to Spend a Day Indoors Productively:

There are numerous ways to use free time. These activities can be done in the safety and comfort of homes. There is no need for things to be bought all the time or get some extravagant things to be ordered. Some of the things that can be done to stay productive in these times are as follows: –

1. Reading

Reading is a great activity that can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere. A book can be paper hardcopy or e-books, they do not cost much and are available to all and can just be in any genre which a parent with their can truly enjoy or may adventure with. A book can take us on a historical adventure with a character of legends or take kids through the cosmos showing the different cosmic entities present in the endless worlds. Books teach kids a lot, they take them over the world, across time and space, and they introduce different characters and lots more. A book does not need you to interact with anyone yet it can give you a feeling of having the same taste as other such readers and gives introverted and extroverted children a common ground too.

Ways to Spend a Day Indoors Productively

2. Chores

Due to the pandemic, the house helps or housemaids were barred from moving and working at the house, and hence most of the houses had to take matters into their own hands. Doing chores is the basic thing any family member can and must do to keep life organized. They do not need to be gender or age-specific, chores around the house can be done by kids. Most of the time, a mother or wife or maid does the chores but kids can use their time to help their parents or contribute to work. Chores do not only mean cleaning the house but also ironing clothes, doing the dishes, weeding, and laundry. A clean and properly managed living environment is most necessary for children’s mental and physical minds. And in this pandemic, cleanliness and health should be prioritized.

3. Organization

The organization of the house is a great way to spend time. Organization of the house means changing the layout of the residence or just rearranging the various stuff in the house, cleaning out and recycling, or just disposing of things that are not required. The organization can help not only kids but everyone in the house to give a fresh and new look to our place. Keeping things organized promotes the understanding of what is available in the house; it can also refresh memories that parents can share with their kids. 

4. Cooking

Cooking is one of those skills which needs to be learned by all. It gives a sense of independence and glory. Cooking can be undertaken by kids under the supervision of elders and it is one of the most frequent and important tasks that is done. Cooking can be learned and practised in the comfort of our home. Cooking virtually with relatives or friends through video calls can be a fun activity for kids. It can also bring a family together while lessening the burden of the person who usually cooks. A dish that kids love and can’t get because of the pandemic can be made to boost their morale at home.

Ways to Spend a Day Indoors Productively

5. Personal Projects

Any personal product that was left incomplete or just kept on hold due to the unavailability of time can now be focused on. It may also give a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of completing the project for kids and can be a fun activity to plan during times of pandemic. These projects may also just give kids new ideas or certain revelations towards various things.

6. Yoga and/or Workout

While being stuck at home or just having extra time on their hands, Parents with their kids regardless of their gender and age need to keep their physical body as well as mental health in proper fitness. This can be achieved by doing yoga and/or workout. Yoga is such an exercise that does not need anything other than a matt and it keeps mental and physical health fit. A workout does not require any specialized equipment like a weightlifting rod or a gym-ing machine. Improvisations can also give away for trying out different sports. The workout can also help in maintaining discipline and give peace of mind. A workout and/or yoga can be done in freed uptime, with kids, can be turned into a fun time.

7. Hobbies

Hobbies do not require you to go out and collect anything that can be done in the comfort of your home. Hobbies like crafts, drawing, writing content like poems and stories, and just games and other activities like quilting, crochet, and electronics can improve the engagement of kids. A hobby is indulging in an activity that can get a sense of enjoyment, self-satisfaction, or just amusement of oneself. Hobbies do not need to be something that kids already know, taking up new hobbies is also possible. The equipment or ingredients required can be found at home or even ordered online with affordability. These hobbies can also be a bonding experience with people at home and also a learning experience that can train in various ways. Games like Chess, Scrabble, and Mahjong are also made online and hence do not require any special pieces or even players to be physically present.

Ways to Spend a Day Indoors Productively

8. Learning new things

Learning new things is a great way to spend time. New things can mean a new game, a new dish, a new language, a new skill, or even just a new method of doing a task. With the help of sites like YouTube and online classes, learning has become easier and faster and can be done in the comfort of their homes. Anything learned is never wasted and comes in handy once in life in one way or the other.

9. Relaxation with me-time

The free time does not mean to be kept only for work and tasks but also just to have some me-time which needs to be taught to kids. There is quite a possibility for parents to forget about themselves when it comes to looking after their kids. A moment to have for yourself can give peace and relaxation. A nap or a good movie or just chilling with a good beverage and a snack can relieve stress and just calm down. Children need to understand why taking a break and looking out for themselves is important.

The times of pandemic can be tough for parents as well as children. A kind thought of one of the top CBSE schools, Lexicon, upon the urge of productivity has motivated several parents to plan and put their efforts into fun and productive activities. Kids need positive energy around the house and to put their energy into productive activities. There lies lots of fun when an activity is planned with parents and kids together. Social media is such a platform which can be put to good use when it comes to productivity indoors -says students of lexicon schools. Students have suggested that use of social media intrigues them more. Lexicon has absolutely proved through the experience of the students that staying indoors can be efficient and productive. The main motto would be planning the day accordingly and don’t forget to make it fun.

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