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Motto of Delhi Public School Society

“Service before self”

The Delhi Public School Society Motto
The Delhi Public School SocietyThe Delhi Public School Society Motto

The motto of the DPS family reflects its mission. The founding fathers of the institute were self-less individuals who wanted the best for the future. It was a massive task, to lay down the foundations of education and learning. This required planning, finances, and collective efforts of many people. In the year 1949 the first Delhi Public School was established at Mathura road. It has become a structure of ‘historical importance’.

DPS Today

Today, many consider the DPS society to be one of the best schools that imparts quality education in the country. Today, every branch enjoys a rank among the best in terms of academics, overall achievements, infrastructure, and legacy. The name is associated with excellence and this attracts the best and brightest students. The DPS society has 200 branches across the globe. Predominantly the Delhi Public School is affiliated to the CBSE board. A vast majority of its overseas branches are located in the Gulf countries. DPS is the largest branch of schools in the world.

Facts about DPS

  1. Originally DPS was known as the ‘New Delhi Church High School’
  2. Rev Tytler is the founder principal of the school.
  3. The DPS chain is the largest in the world with 200 branches in total.
  4. Education Today rated ‘DPS- R.K Puram’ as the ‘best school in India’ for the year 2016-17.
  5. The DPS Srinagar has the “most beautiful campus” of all.
DPS Srinagar
DPS Srinagar


  1. Naveen Jindal – Industrialist
  2. Anjum Chopra – Cricketer
  3. Kunal Bahl – co-founder and CEO, Snapdeal
  4. Harsh Chitale – CEO HCL Infosystems
  5. Raghuram Rajan – 23rd Governor of RBI
  6. Randeep Hooda – Actor
  7. Kriti Sanon – Actress

DPS Branches Abroad

DPS Singapore

Delhi Public school has emerged to be one of the most reputed schools in India. In fact, its success is testified by the fact that it has also branched out to various foreign countries as well. It continues to impart quality education accessible to all. DPS is one of the institutes that focuses on the fact that it is necessary to have a good school in areas that need it the most. Some of the DPS schools abroad include:

  1. DPS Tema, Ghana – Africa
  2. New Millennium School, DPS Bahrain- Bahrain
  3. DPS STS School, Dhaka- Bangladesh
  4. Texmaco DPS International School, Indonesia- Indonesia
  5. DPS International School, Singapore – Singapore
  6. Fahaheel Al-Watanieh Indian Private School, Kuwait- Kuwait
  7. DPS BPKIHS, Dharan Nepal- Nepal
  8. DPS Modern Indian School, Doha- Qatar
  9. Darussalam International DPS, Riyadh- Saudi Arabia
  10. Al- Falah International School DPS, Jeddah- Saudi Arabia
  11. DPS Ajman- U.A.E.

DPS Accreditation

Board – CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

While CBSE remains the primary affiliation of the The Delhi Public School Society, there are a few branches that are affiliated to other boards as well:

  • Delhi Public School International, Saket, New Delhi- IGCSE
  • DPS New Town, Kolkata, DPS Mega City, Kolkata, DPS International at Singapore- ICSE
DPS Mega City, Kolkata
DPS Mega City, Kolkata

Human Resource Development Centre

The HRDC is a well-established organization body that is dedicated to the regulatory means of the The Delhi Public School Society. The society established the body in the year 2006 with the idea is to support learning in a planned manner where both the students and the teachers get training. The body also keeps into account the fact that education needs to be updated according to the changing times. It is, therefore, a responsibility to maintain a degree of ‘inventiveness’ according to the need of the hour. The main purpose is to be able to align the individual learning according to the current society needs. This includes the introduction of various programs, sessions, seminars, training, and bringing to light various platforms of opportunities. It has been the joint efforts of all involved in the HRDC that the DPS alumni are one of the most illustrious ones.

Workshops at HRDC

The HRDC department offers training, insights, workshops, and more. However, it is the workshops that are the main highlight. Here, the new faculty members get basic training, information and knowledge. It also brings into focus various aspects of skill development, cooperative learning, and quality pedagogy. The main idea is to ensure that teachers should be well-versed in their field.

DPS Achievements

  1. National CBSE Science Exhibition in October 2010- DPS Vasant Kunj
  2. Brain O Brainfest 2010 Regional Abacus Competition in Gurgaon- DPS Sushant Lok- Champions
  3. Creative Writing- DPS R.K.Puram: Jvalin Tejpal, Authored two books – Amazing Facts for Young Minds & The Race to Space.
  4. International Science Olympiad- DPS R.K. Puram: Prachi Pandey, 1st rank.
  5. IFCPAR (Indo French Quiz)- DPS R.K. Puram: Ragini Lalit, secured 1st rank
  6. Nationwide Biotech Olympiad- DPS Agra: Abhinay, 1st position
  7. 10th National Science Olympiad- DPS Amritsar: Rajdeep Singh, Gold Medal

Sports Achievements

  1. The 8th Zonal Gymnastics Championship 2010 organized by Delhi Gymnastics Association- DPS Vasant Kunj: Riya Yadav bagged 2nd prize in the Aerobics – Girl’s Category (U-17).
  2. North and East India invitational I.T.F. Tae-kwon-do Championship 2010- DPS Sushant Lok: Rajat Arya received a Gold Medal
  3. Open Tennis Championship for Boys (U-12) 2010- DPS Sushant Lok: Akhil, procured 2nd position.
  4. 23rd Junior National Athletic Meet.- DPS Mathura Road: Bilal Ahmad, one gold medal
  5. Junior National Tennis Tournament at Ahmedabad and Chennai.- DPS R.K. Puram: Prerna Bhambri, winner
  6. ITF Jr. Tennis Championships at Colombo and Singapore.- DPS R.K. Puram: Sweta Solani, winner
  7. Qatar National Squad-Cricket held in Thailand.- DPS MIS Doha, Qatar: Haffaz Mohammad Sattar.


The Delhi Public School Society
The Delhi Public School Society

The DPS Society is one of the most sought-after institutes in the country. Today ‘DPS’ represents quality, good education, training, and exposure on the global platform. The students emerge as winners in their individual spaces where they are taught to be good citizens and respect all as equals. The DPS has excelled in the spectre of sports, academics, culture, and representing the country at global arenas. Admissions to a DPS branch are a matter of prestige to any individual and its ‘tag’ stays with the students for life. DPS has maintained a reasonable fee structure across its branches. This is to enable more and more deserving minds to attain quality education where ever they are.

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.

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