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Update: ICSE class 10 2021 exams have been cancelled.

CISCE conducts the ICSE class 10 exams every year in February or March. This year, the situation has been different as not only India, but the whole world is struggling with the pandemic. Keeping this in mind, the ICSE 2021 exams have been postponed and will be conducted from May 5 to June 7. Another important change observed this year is that the syllabus of the ICSE 2021 exams has been reduced by 30 percent owing to the pandemic. The schools that are affiliated with CISCE will help students who have cleared their class 9th register for class 10th exams. Here is some information on the ICSE 2021 exams.

Dates of Class 10 ICSE 2021 Exams(Now Invalid)

May 4th – 11:00 am – Economics (Group 2 Elective) – 2 hrs

May 5th – 11:00 am – English Language (Eng. Paper 1) – 2 hrs

May 6th – 11:00 am – Environmental Science (Group 2 Elective) – 2 hrs

May 8th – 09:00 am – Art Paper 1 (Still Life) – 3 hrs

May 10th – 11:00 am – Literature in English (English Paper 2) – 2 hrs

May 12th – 11:00 am – History & Civics (H.C.G. Paper 1) – 2 hrs

May 18th – 11:00 am – Mathematics – 2½ hrs

May 20th – 11:00 am – Geography (H.C.G. Paper 2) – 2hrs

May 22nd – 09:00 am – Art Paper 2 (Nature Drawing/Painting) – 3 hrs

May 24th – 11:00 am – Commercial Studies, French (Group 2 Elective) – 2hrs

May 25th – 11:00 am – Ao-Naga, Assamese, Bengali, Dzongkha, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Lepcha, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Mizo, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Tangkhul, Telugu, Urdu (Second Languages) & Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Modern Armenian, Persian, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan (Modern Foreign Languages) – 2hrs

May 28th – 11:00 am – Physics (Science Paper 1) – 2hrs

May 29th – 09:00 am – Arts Paper 3 (Original Commposition) – 2hrs

May 31st – 11:00 am – Chemistry (Science Paper 2) – 2hrs

June 2nd – 11:00 am –Biology (Science Paper 3) – 2hrs

June 4th – 11:00 am – Hindi – 2hrs

June 5th – 09:00 am – Art Paper 4 (Applied Art) – 2hrs

June 7th – 11:00 am – Carnatic Music, Commercial Applications, Computer Applications, Cookery, Drama, Economic Applications, Environmental Applications, Fashion Designing, French, German, Hindustani Music, Home Science, Indian Dance, Physical Education, Western Music, Yoga (Group III-Elective) – 2hrs

June 7th – 11:00 am – Technical Drawing Appplication – 3hrs

ICSE 2021 Class 10th Admit Card

ICSE 2021 Exams
ICSE 2021 Exams

The Council usually releases the hall tickets 15-20 days before the exams and students are supposed to collect them from their school. The students are expected to keep the admit cards safely with them till the declaration of the results of the board exams. It is also advisable that they keep 2-3 photocopies of the same and carry the admit card daily to the exam hall. The students will not be allowed entry inside the hall without the admit card.

ICSE 2021 Class 10 Syllabus

The syllabus is mentioned and is it’s important to know it in full before preparing for the exams. The complete syllabus of different subjects must be covered to ensure good marks in the board exams. Once all the topics of the syllabus are covered the student must ensure they have kept sufficient time for revision and revise all the topics in detail. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, the syllabus of the ICSE 2021 exams has been reduced.

ICSE 2021 Class 10 Exam Pattern

The students must try and go through the exam pattern of ICSE in detail. This makes them familiar with the marking scheme, type of questions asked, distribution of marks, way to write good answers, chapter-wise distribution of marks, types of questions asked in the exam, etc. This practice helps a student in planning which topics to complete first, which questions to attempt first in the exam, and finish the paper timely.

ICSE 2021 10th Grade Result

CISCE releases the results usually in July. Students can check their results on the official website based on the marks they have scored in different subjects. The student can follow the following steps to check the result:

  • Visit the official website of CISCE
  • Click on the result link which becomes active after the declaration of results.
  • Submit various details like- Roll no, date of birth, etc
  • The result appears on the screen
  • The student can save it and download it.

ICSE 2021 Exam Preparation Tips

The students who are preparing for the upcoming board examinations should make pointers of important topics and make sure that they cover the whole syllabus in time. The students should at least keep a month before the examination for revision and revise all the topics of the syllabus well in advance. A few more useful tips are as follows-

Make a study schedule

ICSE 2021 Exams
ICSE 2021 Exams

The students should plan their course of action early and start preparing. They should ensure they have done multiple revisions of the topics before the exam. Making a timetable and following it religiously is the key to achieving their long-term goals.


As mentioned earlier, revision is the key to this exam. Revising formulae of subjects like Math and Science can help them save time in the examination and solve more questions in less time. One useful tip is to make a note of all the formulas and keep revising them each day to make sure none of it is missed or forgotten.

Practice sample papers and previous year question banks

Solving question papers can give students an idea about the marking scheme as well as the pattern of the questions. In this way, a student can be well prepared for the kind of questions that will be asked and the kind of answers expected by the examiner. Solving previous year question papers is highly significant. A few examples of highly recommended question banks are- Oswal, Self-study, Self-Tutor, etc.

Online Assistance

In the era of online education students are becoming accustomed to studying through online resources like PDFs and videos as well. This can be used by the students to educate themselves in difficult areas with the help of online videos and explore the solutions for their problematic areas whenever they desire. 24*7 assistance can be explored and utilized by students.

Resource Material

  • ICSE Physics For Class X by Pankaj Bhatt
  • ICSE Mathematics For Class 10 / E5 by Asit Das Gupta
  • ICSE Geography For Class 10 by R K Jain
  • ICSE Living Science Biology For Class 10 by Dk Rao, Jj Kaur
  • ICSE Mathematics A Complete Revision (For Class X) by DR. M. M. Rahman
  • ICSE Q & A Chemistry Class-X by DR. Paromita Chakraborty
  • ICSE Chemistry For Class 10 / E4 by Amarnath Mishra
  • ICSE Q & A Physics Class-X by Atul Bhattacharjya
  • ICSE Test Yourself Chemistry Class-X by A Panel of Teachers
  • ICSE Test Yourself Physics Class-X by A Panel of Teachers
  • ICSE: Physics (Class – X) by S K Jas
  • ICSE: Chemistry (Class – X) by John West
  • ICSE Physics Class-X by Satya Prakash

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Himani Bhardwaj

Himani Bhardwaj

I have done my masters in Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru University. I like living an examined life which helps us realise our purpose of living. Reading books and proactively creating innovative content is my hobby. I have the passion to put efforts in learning at every step and becoming a better person each day.

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