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About Fortune World School

Fortune World School
Fortune World School

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow –Anthony J. D’Angelo. Proving the above adage right, here at FWS, students are given ample opportunities to learn and grow. Learning is a lifelong process. Fortune World School is an upcoming and vibrant school, which offers great opportunities for the students, where each child is accepted and appreciated for his/her uniqueness. 

FWS encourages students to be imaginative and increases their thirst to achieve their goals. Students here are imparted with the right skills and opportunities to become confident, thoughtful so that they can stand out among the crowd and at the same time be prepared to face future challenges. Fortunites are nourished and moulded with updated and relevant education, thus turning their aspirations into reality. The beautiful journey of FWS commenced in 2013.  Since then it is growing higher and higher to achieve the zenith. Truly proving the school’s motto right, Develop, Nurture, and Grow, we at FWS develop their Imaginative power, nurture their talent, and give them a conducive environment where they can grow and succeed. The school believes that every child entering our portal is blessed with some uniqueness and talent.

With an aim in mind to make each and every child succeed in whatever they do FWS maintains a low teacher student’s ratio of 1:20 to ensure one-on-one attention.  In today’s world, education is not about confining students to the four walls of the classroom. The school emphasizes on learning and uses various other interactive pedagogy in its curriculum to make the classroom activities authentic and interactive. With the help of Pearson & Oxford education, FWS has incorporated a lot of creative tools in their teaching methodology. Fortunately, FWS has dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who, despite all challenges, enrich and transform students’ lives. They are heroes who defy the odds and make learning happen with passion, creativity and determination in school. Fortune World School is known for its various unique initiatives that are instilled in the lives of each and every fortunite. Fortune world school has always encouraged the plantation of Medicinal plants in school and promoted the concept of “Adopt a Tree” in which students plant a sapling on their respective birthdays.


FWS was awarded the “Green Campus of the Year Award” because of its endeavors in keeping the environment clean and promoting the concept of Green India. Various other programs that add on to the USPs of the school are Minds in bloom, Word of the Day, English Monarch and so on.

FWS has won many accolades and recognitions from various renowned Organizations. Fortune World School has been ranked No. 1 in co-scholastic and was chosen as North India’s 1st Model school by Pearson & Oxford for its excellence and innovative teaching practices. “Fortune World School & its founder Chairman Shri Mohan Goel” have been nominated for the category of the World Greatest Brands & Leaders 2017-18 by Asia One Magazine & URS Media. A great award which shows the commitment of the school is North School Merit Award 2018-2019 under which Fortune World School is acknowledged as one of the pioneer schools of the nation. FWS was also bestowed with International School Award 2016-19 by British Council due to the exemplary practices of Internationalism in school.

FWS incorporated Global dimensions to every activity they undertake in school. FWS has also been a four times winner of School Excellence Award. Not only this, Fortune World School was ranked among the top 10 schools in Noida as per the survey conducted by the Times of India. FWS came out with flying colours by making its place among the Top 3 K12 Emerging School of the year 2016. ‘Fortune World School’ added another Feather to its Crown as it was recognized as the Top Upcoming C.B.S.E. School of India by Education Today.


We believe education empowers students to discover themselves- who they are as people.  We at FWS will continue our efforts to mould the young minds into well balanced personalities with confidence and zeal befitting the standards of this portal of education. It is education that helps students build their personality, career and mental growth. By getting educated, they ready themselves to face any situation throughout their whole life. We at FWS not only improve their personal life by education but also bring an amazing positive change in society or nation.

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