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Ms Anurag Vij envisioned to establish an educational institute based on a positive attitude. In 1989 the foundation for the ‘Chintels School’ was laid. Ms Vij took into consideration the fact that a certain degree of change in the current state of education in India was required. This led to the very basis of the foundation of ‘Chintels School’. Today, the institute is much sought-after by the parents to ensure a complete sense of education in their young child.

What started as a thought for children in Kanpur, has grown into a ‘system’ with branches in other Indian cities. With a legacy of over 25 years, Chantel’s story is an inspiration, where one gets to peek into the insight of a truly ‘innovative mind’. It also displays dedication, hard work, and application of smart thinking that can be instrumental in bringing about the change you aim to witness in the future.


Today, Chintels School is one of the top education institutes in India. Here, thousands folk together to acquire seats. Placed at the 2nd position on the list for ‘Goodwill, Legacy & Reputation Rank’ and the 3rd position on the list for ‘Online and Social presence Rank’; this institute is a prominent one. The overall presence of this school is that of prime importance and relevance state-wise and nationwide. The academic achievements of the students depict the ‘Chintelian’ spirit that has the school has imbibed into the young minds. It is sheer dedication, determination, and innovative teaching practices that have bought about the remarkable percentage at the boards.

A notable mention goes to its unique methodology where it applies ‘adaptive teaching’. This essentially implies a better understanding of each child and addressing their individuality. It includes bringing in to consideration the background, mindset, and special needs if any of a child for their educational needs. This methodology has propelled the school towards innovative teaching and education.

Other Information


  • School 1- 121, HIG, Ratanlal Nagar, Kanpur – 208022, (UP) India.
  • School 2- Near Singhpur Chauraha, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017, (UP) India.

Phone: +91-9838436453/6388438602/+91-512-2281826 +91-9839340044/9839341144

Mail ID: [email protected]/[email protected]


Boards: ICSE, ISC

Education System: Co-ed

Affiliation: ISCE

Principle: Mrs Nandita Basak

Chintels School
Chintels School

Vision and Mission

  • To offer an environment of intellect and conscience for every student.
  • To be able to offer a platform where the students can grow emotionally, socially, and creatively and acquire their complete potential.


To be able to offer a strong foundation to each student which will help them nurture their future and personalities. It is of utmost importance to be able to build a strong value and moral system within the personalities of each child, as this will make them into responsible citizens of the future.



Built on an expansive 16 acres of land, the Chintels School is a delightful place of a fine balance between learning and exploring. Here, the classrooms are modern and equipped with ‘smart technology’. This enables the young generation to be able to connect well with the latest trends in education. The Audio Video room is a place of learning where the modern equipment and a forward approach brings about the ‘larger than life’ experience towards concepts.


The Library at the campus has a fine collection of some of the most valuable knowledge material. Here, one can enjoy reading through some of the best of ‘priced collection’ and also many latest reads. The environment here is that of encouragement, enhancement, and enlightenment through the rightful channels of learning. The authorities have ensured proper security and safety as the prime importance and have bought to being the latest in surveillance of the entire premise.

Laboratories and Theatre Room

The laboratories at the Chintels Schools are a place to learn and experience the various miracles of Science and life. With the latest equipment, tools, apparatus, and more, this is a beautiful place to witness the various wonders from within the pages of knowledge. Also, the ‘Theatre Room’ is a place where one gets to enjoy and watch the talents at play. Here the achievers are honoured, and the various leaders from different fields share their ‘nuggets of wisdom’ with the youth.

Meditation and Medical Room

The Meditation room is yet another unique feature of the establishment, where the young minds learn the art of focus and stability. This goes a long way in helping find peace, solace, endurance, and balance in the various wakes of future lives. To make meditation a vital part of one’s lives is an important aspect, as it helps one find aim and also to appreciate the various realms of life and beyond. To keep the students safe is the Medical Room. Here a well-trained medical practitioner is available at all hours to attend in case of any emergency. This brings a sense of ‘quick action’ well within the campus when an individual requires the immediate attention of any kind.

Other Facilities

The digital learning is a major part of the education at Chintels, as this is a step towards the future. Also, it brings about a bridge between the various modes of education, knowledge, and the learner. Along with the best technology, the school also offers ‘real world’ learning, where it teaches students the art of learning through their immediate environment. It uses various real-life models, concepts, and experiences to better portray the idea. A well-equipped Music room also finds a prominent place within the campus where it shapes young talents. An accomplished Music teacher who understands the importance of the art and the future it holds trains the students.

Chintels School
Chintels School


Sports play a vital part of education at Chintels. It places a great amount of importance in the area of sports and offers the right kind of encouragement to the emerging stars. Under the guidance of well-trained experts and coaches, the students get an insight into the wonders of sports in life. Students at the Chintels play Basketball, Football, Athletics, Tennis, Table Tennis, Skating, Horse riding, Shooting, Archery and Swimming. The facilities and equipment required are present, and the training is rigorous and just as important as academics. Budding athletes get the right kind of platform to further their calibre to pursue a future in the field of sports.

To inculcate the importance of sports in one’s life, indulging in fitness and participation is mandatory for each student. The fitness program and a well-planned exercise regime are an important part of the everyday school routine. To keep the students well-acquainted with the glorious sports legacy of India, traditional sports games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, and Kite Flying have been incorporated at the Annual Sports Day.

To maintain a fine balance, the indoor games are offered just as much importance. This is done through the encouragement of games like Chess, where large participation is observed every year. Other adventure sports like Rock climbing and Trekking are also a major part of the school event where the students enjoy wide exposure to various facets of survival, adventure, and excitement.

Arts and Extracurricular Activities

Every child is unique in their way, and this is celebrated at the Chintels. The field of Arts is given just as much importance as any other field at the school. With the well-trained teachers and rightful encouragement, the young artists are offered proper training to shape-out their talent and skills as well. The art room at the Chintels is a place of must-visit, where you will be welcomed with some of the most amazing exhibits of artistic talent.

We have to mention the School Band at Chintels. This is a pride to the school and is an important part of the school’s symbol of representation at various events, fields, and occasion. The school band of Chintel is an important part of the culture, which comes about through rigorous training and selection.

Other aspects like the fest, Quiz, language Whiz, Bharat ko Jaano are also a major part of the fun and activity at Chintels. Here, active participation, training, and preparation form a part of all the fun that goes into these events. This is to bring about the much-wanted exposure of the young minds to the current and world affairs. Also, to help the students to conquer their fear of the stage, debates and recitations are performed. This brings about the confidence and the sense of self which is often much required when shaping the youthful energy.

 Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Activities

Technology Fest

At the Chintels, it is widely believed that the youth of India has enormous potential in the field of invention and technology. To encourage the same, it organises Compkriti every year where the young minds get to showcase their talents, intelligence, and thinking abilities. This fest brings to spotlight the budding bright minds and the future scientist of our country, who wish to display their ideas at the right platform.


Classes: KG – XII

School Session: April

Admission Process/ Registration:December

Entrance test: February

Nursery – VIII: Admission through entrance test

Playgroup: Admission includes interaction with teachers

XI-XII: Admission Based on Board results

Documents Required

  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Birth Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate/ School leaving Certificate
  • ID proof of Parents, Passport sized photo of each
  • Report card of the previous school
  • School Recommendation letter
  • Medical Certificate


(Includes Tuition fee, Term Fee, Annual charges and Computer fee)

I – V: INR 31, 600

VI-VIII: INR 32, 600

IX-XII: INR 36, 000

Admissions at the Chintels School are subjected to the seats available at the time of the admission. One can register through the online platform at the school website or the school office through prior appointment.

Academic Achievements:

Shubham Gautam – state Topper 2015 – 98.5% ISC

Tejas Porwal- Runner-up 2015 – 99% without English and 98% with English

Amandeep- Third runner Up 2015 – 98%


Chintels School is one of the best schools in the state and also recognised nationwide. This is a complete educational experience for young children to best accomplish the most during their growing years. This institute has been able to reform itself and revive according to the changing times. The institute is an epitome of modern education and innovative thinking required for shaping the future of our country. Overall, a good school for the complete development of a child and to offer a clear aspect of understanding their future.

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.


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