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Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon

Off Gurugram

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School Information

School Board: IB
Type: Co-Education
Hostel Facility: Day cum Residential School
Address Off Gurugram, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Contact Number 9818666644
Email ID [email protected]
Admission Update

Admission is now open for the session 2020-2021.

Average Day Fees
₹684000 per year
Average Residential Fees
₹1176000 per year
School Also Known As
Pathways World School Gurgaon
School Level
Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)
Established Year
Medium of Instruction
Area of Campus
34 Acres
Pathways Group

Principal's Details

Principal's Name Miss Sonya Ghandy Mehta
Principal's Degree University of San Diego, USA

Location Details

Nearest Railway Station
Sector 55-56 Metro Station
Nearest Railway Station Distance
22.0 km


An Introduction to Pathways

Pathways World School Aravali is the first school in North India to follow the  IB curriculum. The school applies the Multiple Intelligences Approach, developed by Dr Howard Gardner of the Harvard University. It provides education for Primary Years(Pre Nursery to grade five), Middle Years( grade six to grade ten) and Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation of Geneva. The main agenda behind the IB is an emphasis on the practical application of knowledge and personality development.

Spread across 35 acres along the foothills of Aravali ranges, the school possesses a majestic campus. The exquisite location provides a tranquil environment for learning as well as ensure affinity to nature. As a world school, it has students from nearly 40 nations, learning in a holistic environment.

The Director’s Message

The Latest Education World Ranking on International Day cum Residential schools ranks Pathways World School Aravali 1st in North India and 2nd in India. The school was the recipient of ‘DesignShare’ award from NewYork, USA for its aesthetic and purposeful infrastructure design. Uniform Application have ranked Pathways World School as one of the best boarding schools in India. It is a member of Global Round Square and also a member of the Council of International Schools(CIS). They offer overall personality development and skill enhancement to every student along with academic excellence.  Pathways have created a benchmark in the use of technology in purposeful education with the implementation of universal radio technology and the use of interactive whiteboards and projection screens for better teaching. The school is a certified centre for SAT and TOEFL exams. 

Ms Soniya Gandhy, an alumnus of the University of San Diego, USA believes that education should be based on three essential aspects:

1 Relevancy and Application: Education should surpass the classroom and infuse practical knowledge in sync with the contemporary World. 

2 The Law of Expectation: School is the best time to learn. The more opportunities and challenges the more the child will grow.

3 Promoting Respect: The children should learn to respect not only individuals but also the environment and inanimate objects.


Through Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) the Pathways IB programme strives to achieve the perfect balance between academic excellence and overall personal growth. The academic calendar is planned well in advance with proper assessments, educational seminars, sports tournaments, skill development workshops, career guidance and cultural activities. 

IB Primary Years:

Pathways World School understands the importance of primary education in laying the foundation of literacy, numeric ability and thinking skills. Every facet of the child’s existence is highlighted like social, emotional, cultural, political and ecological. The aim is to nurture confident students who are active inquirers about their surroundings and beyond. 

IB Middle Years Program (MYP):

All subjects have strong interdisciplinary elements. The Middle years focus on growing the foundation of knowledge through research, presentation and application. An interesting component is the Personal Project, a long term research that the student chooses to work on. They are provided with systematic tools and assessed through set criteria. 

IB Diploma Course:

The IB Diploma Programme is a 2-year comprehensive program which aims at infusing civil responsibility, international thinking and articulation besides academic excellence. It includes subjects from every discipline with more focus on elected ones as IB believes that very early streaming hampers the creative growth of the student. Special features are Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and the CAS component. The unique curriculum and balance make it one of the most prestigious in the world. 


 Infrastructure is one of the key highlights of Pathways World School Aravali. The majestic campus spread across 34 acres makes sure it provides the best of every facility. From smart classes, well-equipped laboratories to fine studios for dance, music and theatre, the campus has everything. The school also offers design studios, with industry-standard machines. The students work on their individual projects here, under expert supervision. A large amphitheatre provides a space for maximum student participation in cultural activities. The school has a vast Library and Media centre which is a repository of online databases, ebooks, films and digital media content. The place offers corners for sharing stories and expression of ideas. Moreover, there is a well equipped Medical Centre to ensure the safety and health of all students.


Understanding the role of Sports in the overall development of the child, the school offers a range of indoor and outdoor sports. It has a well maintained Olympic sized soccer field, Cricket pitch and practice nets, a Golf course, a Tennis court, Basketball court and Horse Riding. Among indoor sports, the campus includes a Half Olympic sized all-weather pool, chess and carom, Table tennis, Badminton, and a Gymnasium so that every student remains physically active and healthy.  


The campus is an eco-friendly space. The sustainable architecture takes special efforts to reduce carbon footprint. Well ventilated corridors, atriums are built to infuse natural light. The aim is to cultivate a sensitivity towards the environment among the students. 

Life at the hostel

The hostel at the Pathways World School Aravali is a unique intellectual experience which takes care of every facet of growth. The school offers flexible boarding options understanding the varied needs of every student. It offers day, weekly and term boarding. For nuclear families with working parents, day and weekly boarding options come across as convenient options. Under the weekly boarding, the child stays at the hostel for the week, involved in school and hostel activities and can visit their parents to remain in the company of family and friends on the weekends. Nearly 45% of the Pathway students are either term or weekly boarders. As it is a World School, the borders grow up not only sharing a global cuisine but also appreciating each other’s culture and values.

A boarding school can be a huge change in a child’s life, to see that they feel secure and protected, Pathways has Residence parents. Residence parents are people who take care of the emotional, physical and academic needs of the borders. They are well acquainted with the knowledge of social values, child psychology, first aid, special background of every child, puberty and adolescence.     

Boarding Activities:

Term boarding ensures a fun and dynamic environment for the borders. New activities are planned each weekend so the children learn constructively while enjoying themselves. Activities such as Hiking, Singing, Art, Drama, Photography and Poetry workshops make sure that there is never a dull movement at the hostel. Moreover, chaat nights, special dinners, bonfire nights keep the borders happy and involved. All Indian festivals are celebrated to enhance the cultural knowledge of the students. The Annual Talent show of the hostel takes place at a large level. All students actively participate and in the process, master the skill that they choose to perform.

Learning Trips:

The school organizes various learning trips around India and abroad, such as The Singapore Botanical Garden and NASA training centre. The students learn maximum through visual representation and travel. A unique experience at Pathways World School is Saturday hiking trips along the Aravali. Supervised by one of the Residential parents, the students go hiking on foot and bicycles. Some even take horses. 

Highlights of the School

1. Technological Breakthroughs:

Pathways World School Aravali understands the need to adapt teaching to the modern age of technology. From an early age, students are taught to be responsible users of technology. Primary school upwards, students learn to write stories using tools like Bookcreator, Storybird, Storywever or learn language through MakeBelief Comix. Music classes make use of software like Logic Pro or CU basic for recording and Garage Band for composition. Game-based assessment using Kahoot software take away the pressure of conventional assignments. It makes learning fun and interactive.

There are training programmes on creating wearable technology and prototyping. Primary students learn to make use of 3D pens and every level of the school has 3D printers. The reporting system is completely online which means that parents can regularly track the progress of their child.

2. Career Mapping and Guidance:

The Department of Career and Guidance helps each student of the school in realizing his/her field of study for higher education. They not only help the students analyse their interest and skills but also help them in the admission filing process. University fairs, student development workshops and talks by eminent scholars make sure that the students are well aware of their opportunities. The education experts help students with their college essays and resume. They are well updated about the changes in National and International application process, SAT exams and all the dos and don’ts of the college application process.

3. Community Service:

The school involves community service as an essential part of the curriculum. Through this, the children become compassionate while getting trained to be active leaders who bring about changes in the real world. Primary children learn to work under issues such as water conservation, hygiene and reducing pollution whereas Middle and Diploma program students work under more complex problems like imparting adult education, establishing Balwadis and working with community schools. The students are also involved in the maintenance of the villages adopted by The Pathways World School. The successful Interact club of the school comes under the Rotary International, the global network of individual community development clubs of young individuals. The club takes up 2 community development projects each year. This helps the Interactors learn National and International Integrity, the importance of community development and hard work. Moreover, they come in contact with organizations working all over the world.

4. Round Square and Global Exchange Programs:

Round Square is a worldwide association of 160 plus member schools in 5 continents. The schools believe in common goals of developing global competence, offering world-class opportunities and programs, building character and confidence in students. These schools strive to offer more than academic knowledge and qualification to work towards global citizenship. The approach of Round Square schools for character education and experiential learning is built around 6 themes: International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Regular Regional Service Projects are held by the school on important global concerns. 

 Every Pathway student is encouraged to participate in these International Events. Exchange programs expose students to diverse languages, cultures and education patterns. The students also learn to become gracious hosts in the process. This global exposure helps students to face the needs of the ever-changing globalizing world.   

5. Equestrianism:

Horse riding is an old sport associated with the Pathways World School. The students learn the art of horse riding under expert supervision. With expert training, they go on to become skilled equestrians and win accolades in shows and international events. Some students even go on to represent India in International Sports such as Chinese Nation Equestrian cup.  

6. Studio of Design and Technology:

The school offers a well-equipped design and technology studio with industrially standard machines. The valuable subject is a hallmark of Pathway International School which gives hands-on training to students under the supervision of skilled experts. 

The Pathways World School with its advanced teaching and curriculum fit the needs of the modern age. It gives every student a chance to become a leader, make the best use of resources of the modern world, and emerge as a proficient, compassionate and independent citizens.

Generally Asked Questions and Answers

1. Do Indian universities recognize IB Diploma Course?

Yes, the Association of Indian Universities recognizes IB Diploma Course as an equivalent to the +2 stage of an Indian Board giving access to all Bachelor’s programmes at Indian universities.

2. Does the school give Hostel Facility?

Yes, the Pathway World School has a well-equipped hostel. The school provides flexible boarding option including day, weekly and term boarding.

3. Does the school have other branches?

Yes, the school has 2 other branches. Pathways Gurgaon and Pathways Noida. However, both of them are day schools.

4. Can a student who has attended another Board join an IB school? 

Yes, all programmes of IB, namely the PYP, the MYP, and DP are designed in a way that students from any board can join. In fact, the school receives admissions from students of other boards each year. These students enjoy the interactive learning process and perform well. The school does offer a Pre Term Programme to make the transition to IB seamless. The parents can register for Pre Term after the grant of admisssion.

5. What makes Pathways World School stand out from other IB schools in India?

Almost all IB schools in India offer either the Diploma Program or The Primary Years Program. Pathways World School offers all three programs strengthening its mettle as a true IB school.

Admission Criteria

Application for Admission

Candidates can submit their Applications for Admission online or offline:

Link for online application:

Offline: Candidates can hand deliver their Documents and application letters or send as courier.

Registration Fees:

A registration fee of INR 15,000 is to be submitted. You can find the payment details on the website of the school under Admissions.

Documents Required: 

  • Signed and dated Application Signature Form.
  • Enrollment Contract signed by the parents/guardians with date.
  • Student Form (for students applying for Grades 6 – 12)
  • Copies of past scholastic record of at least two years previous to this application (if applicable)
  • IT Policy Acceptance Form 
  • Transport Request Form (for day students opting to use school transport) 
  • Student Health Form attested by a Physician.
  • Consent Form 
  • The applicants can download these forms from this pdf:
  • 6 Passport size photographs of the student with the name written behind each photograph
  • 1 Passport size photograph of each parent with the name and relationship behind each photograph
  • Copy of the student’s valid passport, the student’s birth certificate and proof of residence of parents / parent

Interview and Written Test:

Primary Years Programme

Documents Required:

Examples of the applicant’s school work in the form of exercise books and portfolios. Parents must carry at least one book that the child is reading inside or outside the school. 

The Primary Head interviews the candidates, the child is asked to perform some simple academic activities. 

Middle Years Programme

Interview and Written Test. Candidates undergo a test in basic English and Arithmetic. (A test for Integrated Science as well for admission in Grade 9).

Students can seek admission in Grade 10 if they transfer from an IB school. The admission is based on reports by the previous school, an Interview and written test.

Diploma Programme

A written test takes place in English, Mathematics and Science. The school director interviews them. For Pathways World School Admission, students must demonstrate their potential to perform in the IB Diploma.

(In Grade 12, only transferring Diploma students can take admission.)

Grant of Admission:

An admission acceptance letter is granted to the parents in case of grant of admission. The parents/legal guardians must do the following within 15 days of the grant of admission acceptance form  to confirm the admission of the applicant.

– Submit a duly signed duplicate copy of admission application letter.

-Deposit the Admission Fee and Refundable Security amount as mentioned in the fee performa. 

Thereafter, the school gives a unique identification number to the candidate. All communication happens with the school using this.

Following documentation must be completed until 15 days of grant of admission.

1 Consent form:

2 Local Guardian Instructions(in case of outstation borders):

3 Meal Form(in case of non veg meal):

4 FRRO(for Non Indian Nationals):

Pre Term Programme

Pre Term is a specialized programme offered by all branches of Pathways World School. It is designed to acquaint students transferring from structured Education boards like ICSE/CBSE and other State boards to IB. The programme commences in April and aims to infuse skills to make the transition to IB curriculum seamless for the child. The admission to the Pre Term programme is based on a first come, first serve basis. It is based on the individual Assessment which precedes the Acceptance. Parents can apply for the Pre Term through a regular online application and register their children for Pre Term after the grant of admission.  


Indoor Sports
Outdoor Sports
AC Classes
Swimming Pool
Music Room
Dance Room
Gym Room
Health Checkup

General FAQs

Which board is this school affiliated to?

In India all Schools that have classes upto Xth or XIIth have to be affiliated to atleast one board of education. Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon is affiliated to the the following boards: IB.

Does this school offer Hostel facility?

Yes, Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon offers hostel facility. This school has provisions for residential scholars. Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon is a Residential School.

What facilities are available in this school?

Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon offers the following facilities: Transportation, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, AC Classes, Swimming Pool.

Is this school co-educational?

Yes, Pathways World School Aravali, Gurgaon is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student's gender.


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