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The Doon School, Dehradun

Mall Rd, Kishan Nagar Chowk

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School Board: ICSE  IB  IGCSE(Cambridge)  
Type: All Boys
Hostel Facility: Residential School
Address Mall Rd, Kishan Nagar Chowk, Krishna Nagar, Dehradun
Contact Number +91135 2526406, +91 9719638840
Email ID [email protected]
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School Level
Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)
Medium of Instruction

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Welcome to The Doon School. We are a school which specializes in all boys boarding education for pupils aged 12-18. The school is probably the only ‘All India’ school with applications from almost every state each year, as well as from Indian families overseas. Established in 1935, The Doon School is one of India’s finest schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat. The Doon School is a full boarding school for boys only and not simply a school which welcomes boarders. The school’s beautiful seventy acre campus with a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life provide all boys with ample green space and fresh air where they are able to live and learn. It is an environment rarely offered by schools in large and small cities in India, or indeed some other countries. All boys are able to seek advice from the teaching staff, the Wellness Centre and the school counsellor living on the school campus throughout the seven day week. Boys discover that they have much more time to study and pursue their wider interests. There is no wasted time travelling to learn Sport, Art, Music, Drama and benefit from Careers Guidance as well as other necessary university and college entrance preparation.

Our mission is “To attract and develop exceptional boys and teachers from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic India; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders; and prepare them to enter one of the strongest alumni fraternities – for life.”

Our vision is to take The Doon School to its rightful position among the world’s pre-eminent educational institutions for boys aged 12-18 years.

The Doon School provides a specialist education in many different spheres. It specializes in a fully boarding education and has done so consistently and without wavering from this core characteristic since its foundation in 1935. The greatest strengths of the school spring from the quality of the human relationships throughout the community and the sense of companionship that these engender. The full boarding environment encourages a strong sense of community and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained – and be sustaining – in life beyond the School.


Our boarding education is aimed at Indian boys from throughout India and overseas. It is therefore able to inculcate India’s rich and diverse history, heritage and tradition in its pupils.

The school is secular and thus is open to boys from all states, socio-economic backgrounds, castes and religions.

The school’s inspiration and foundation came from the best of the British independent school sector, with S.R. Das’s insistence that it should be an egalitarian and secular environment welcoming boys from every background and region in India. The combination of that founding vision and the desire to provide that best educational practice to boys in India makes the school a unique boarding environment in India. It also provides the school with its unusual position of being a national brand with a global reach and reputation, and an international outlook.

The school’s proven track record in producing outstanding leaders in all walks of life has given Doon and its alumni a worldwide reputation.

It is able to specialize in the education of boys aged 12–18 years and resource it accordingly. The school can focus all its energies and resources on boys rather than also having to provide resources for educating girls, day pupils or junior age groups, all of which require their own special level of commitment.

The school has a beautiful campus; it was the original site of the Forestry Research Institute and a botanical garden that has more species of trees than in the whole of Delhi. The space and clean Himalayan air of Dehradun provides a healthy and secure environment to grow up in.

The school offers a choice of the IB or the ISC and has a recent track record of excellent examination results and first class university and college placements at home and abroad.

The school’s ten-year development plan encompasses a campus master plan and financial plan, together with a fully integrated approach to the intellectual, pastoral and co-curricular aspects of the education of the boys.

The school’s historic commitment to social service is such that the Indian Government, inspired by the Doon model, introduced SUPW as a compulsory aspect of the curriculum for all schools. This and other innovative approaches to education, including our current teacher training programs, are indicative of The Doon School’s commitment to being a pathfinder for best educational practice in India.


Indoor Sports
Outdoor Sports
AC Classes
Swimming Pool

General FAQs

Which board is this school affiliated to?

In India all Schools that have classes upto Xth or XIIth have to be affiliated to atleast one board of education. The Doon School, Dehradun is affiliated to the the following boards: ICSE,IB,IGCSE(Cambridge).

Does this school offer Hostel facility?

Yes, The Doon School, Dehradun offers hostel facility. This school has provisions for residential scholars. The Doon School, Dehradun is a Residential School.

What facilities are available in this school?

The Doon School, Dehradun offers the following facilities: Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, AC Classes, Swimming Pool.

Is this school co-educational?

No, The Doon School, Dehradun is not co-educational.



18 Jul, 2020

"Study and activity both are important to our child."

Shweta kumari

31 Jul, 2020