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Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat

Near Omaxe City

School Information

School Board: CBSE
Type: Co-Education
Hostel Facility: Day cum Residential School
Address Near Omaxe City, Sector-19, Sonipat
Contact Number 083079 27004
Email ID [email protected]
Website http://www.swarnprastha.com/
Admission Update
Coming Soon
School Also Known As
SPS Sonipat
School Level
Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)
Established Year
Medium of Instruction
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Principal's Details

Principal's Name Mrs. Rashmi Grover

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Swarnprastha Public School is one among the top schools in India. It considers children the soul of the school and believes that they have an inborn zeal, energy and motivation to learn. The students receive an impression of the world around them at the school. The students here learn in two ways - unconsciously and consciously; they acquire skills rapidly and learn to ask questions and develop a thirst for knowledge. The school encourages an active learning process in the elementary stage where children learn through participation and get as much freedom as possible under the guidance of the teachers to reach their maximum potential. 

The school tries to teach children to have a strong personality and be physically fit, mentally alert and morally true. It believes that education involves training the head and heart and intellectual education influences the head while value education influences the heart. The school helps students to achieve excellence through its curriculum which gives equal weightage to academic and co-curricular activities.


The motto of SPS is ‘Vidya Patham Swarnim'. It depicts the perspective of life as the golden path of learning. The school believes in the ancient Indian culture of enlightenment and the guru-shishya philosophy. It ensures that students spend the formative years of their lives in an environment conducive to learning. 

Why Study at Swarnprastha

Swarnprastha has a huge campus with many facilities that students can use so that they can learn and develop at a faster pace. Even though the campus is huge and the school has many students, the school staff pays close attention and help every student so that they feel at home. Swarnprastha Public School’s approach to learning encourages a student’s balanced development academically, emotionally, morally, physically and spiritually.

Some of the features of the school include:


Just 15 minutes away from the hustle bustle of Delhi, the school has a safe location surrounded with greenery and has modern infrastructure.  


The school maintains an atmosphere that encourages the practice of honesty, openness, truth and integrity.

Lifelong friendship, Powerful memories and clear moral values 

Swarnprastha Public School shapes young lives and provides the inner strength to face and overcome difficulties. It teaches students the qualities of integrity, honesty, competence, self-discipline and the ability to look beyond the material world to more permanent and meaningful values in life. The students here also make lasting friendships that continue even after their time in the school has come to an end.

Pastoral Care 

Good pastoral care lies at the heart of every happy school. When students feel cared for and properly supported, they will develop the confidence and self-esteem to fulfill their potential. It believes that pastoral care is the priority upon which success in other aspects of school life depends.

The Spiritual dimension

Students of all faiths are welcome to study at the school. Students and staff alike are encouraged to find their way, through example and inspiration, to an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life. The heart of commitment to spiritual development is the belief that true spirituality is measured in the quality of life in relationships with others, in willingness to serve and in the power of actions.


Meditation at the school consists of a shared silence followed by a short motivational talk and a period of silent reflection. The school also teaches students Yoga and has sessions for the same. 

The Academic Curriculum 

Swarnprastha Public School is affiliated with CBSE. This co-educational institution admits students from Nursery to standard 12. Students can opt for any of the three streams (Science, Commerce and Humanities) in the 11th and 12th grade. Along with essential co-curricular activities, special emphasis is laid on students' health. Many students from SPS have joined Medical schools, IIT’s, NDA and other reputed Universities abroad.

Learning Philosophy 

After decades of research and analysis, the school’s academic team developed a unique DECA (Discover, Explore, Connect and Apply) model to bring the best in children and equip them with necessary skills to achieve success. To further shape the learning of every child since, SPS uses the Matrix OF L.E.G.E.N.D  which is a 6 point grid to unlock the potential which focuses on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Global exposure, Environment sensitivity Neutrality and Democracy


The school is particular about hiring faculty members and take great care in recruitment process. The process has many stages like written test, interviews with subject experts, demo class and an interaction with the management. It not only considers academic and professional qualifications but also their passionate approach towards teaching. Teachers here also have interpersonal and communication skills and have a good understanding of the uses of technology. 

The faculty members walk an extra mile to ensure the involvement of students in all activities and they play the role of a mentor to the students as well. The bonding between students and faculty members is quite visible as there is mutual respect and appreciation. SPS has regular faculty development programs to deal with various emerging trends in education so that teaching can go beyond class room and create a positive environment.

With a faculty of 100 and 1300+ students, the school maintains a  1:13 faculty to student ratio. The school ensures that the curriculum is appropriate so as to challenge today’s students and tomorrow’s global leaders.

Beyond the classrooms

The school offers a plethora of opportunities to groom the students by conducting various workshops and making them participate in different activities be it excursions, fieldtrips, industrial visits etc. To develop skills in students, an enrichment programme is conducted. The school also organizes regular career counseling sessions and workshops to help the students to plan their future with a clear understanding of the profession which they may wish to choose. 

Service & Leadership 

Learning to lead and to serve is an important feature of the SPS experience and all students contribute in some way to the community while they are at the school. Students may choose to become an Expedition Group Leader, or be offered the post of House or School Prefect. They could also volunteer for local community work during the school year and school provides various excellent platforms to connect with community leaders, develop leadership skills and make international connections. 

Shiksha Fund – A unique Scholarship fund  

SPS also has a Shiksha Fund where the rank holders from class VI onwards get scholarship benefits in their tuition fee and also contribute the same when they pass from SPS after the 12th grade.


One of the features of all the classrooms is that they are all air conditioned. These classrooms are appropriately furnished and are well ventilated. 


The School provides GPS enabled, speed governed and camera fitted transport facilities to the students.   School buses go to the town of Sonipat and its surrounding areas as well as some of the northern suburbs of Delhi. 


Sports play a vital part in personal development and well-being and Swarnprastha Public School has an outstanding programme for physical education. Students can take part in a wide range of sports and activities. Students here can not only learn new sports and games but they can also take part in competitions. Sports facilities at the campus include an all-weather Swimming pool, Volleyball, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Squash, Lawn tennis, Taekwondo, skating, Billiards Shooting range, Archery, Gymnastic, Golf, Boxing etc. 

Extra-curricular Activities

SPS offers its students many opportunities to excel at various activities like Art, Music and Drama

Art – Evidence of imagination and creativity is exhibited around the campus. SPS helps students develop their skills of drawing and painting, graphic design or 3 dimensional arts.

Music - Students can learn different forms of music through a range of activities and everyone gets an opportunity to participate. Regular lunchtime concerts and end of term events showcase the enthusiasm of the musicians. Over half of the students take music classes to learn to play instruments and to sing.

Drama – Drama is a subject that promotes self-discovery and self-confidence, it encourages teamwork and teaches a variety of practical and academic skills, many of which help develop and prepare students beyond the classroom. Students of all ages can involve themselves in acting, directing and technical theatre and there are a range of regular productions, performances, workshops and master classes throughout the year. Guest artists regularly visit the school from the professional industry to work alongside the students.

Residential Life 

Nestled within the sprawling 20 acres state-of-the-art green campus of the school, the residential life is designed to offer the students an opportunity to be a part of an exciting multi-cultural hamlet which offers them an atmosphere of independence to hone their natural skills in a safe and secure environment. 

Just fifteen minutes from the Delhi Border and an hour’s drive from IGI (the domestic and international airport) in New Delhi, SPS offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities in a clean and green environment. The boarding facilities include features like:

Recreational Room

There is a large Common Room on every floor of the boarding house where boarders can spend their free time playing indoor games, reading books or watching TV. A refrigerator is also provided in the multipurpose room where and lockers are provided for students to keep their laundry in.

House Parent 

House parents ensure that there is never a lack of fondness, kindness, care and guidance that every child needs. Each House Parent’s priority is to get to know the child individually. House Parents regularly inspect the rooms, study units and common areas to ensure that each child maintains neatness and personal hygiene. They keep in touch with parents via email or telephonically to give them regular updates about their child’s welfare. The House Parents are supported by a Medical and Housekeeping team.

Meals and Nutrition 

At the snack bar students are served a healthy buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with adequate care to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is served. An elaborate menu is carefully scheduled so that it appeals to the students who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall is a cheerful place where students not only eat nutritious meals, but also catch up with friends and relax.


The school has two infirmaries. One is located in the Academic block and the second one is located in the boarding house. A qualified nurse attends to the students’ medical needs. An ambulance and doctor are on call at all times. The school has a medical tie-up with a super specialty hospital in case of any medical emergency.

Safety and Security 

The safety and security of the students is of paramount importance. The campus has 24X7 security cover and over 150 CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of the students. Fire sprinklers, alarms and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different possible situations to make boarders aware and ready. 


As the entire campus is wi-fi enabled, students can speak to their parents via Skype and can remain in touch with them through the House Parent.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Supervised games and sports are pursued by the students after school hours. With numerous playing fields and sporting facilities, students pursue games like Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, TT, Shooting, Archery, Boxing, Taekwondo, Gymnastic, Volleyball, Golf, Horse riding, Squash, Football, Swimming and Basketball. All the sporting facilities can be accessed for a dedicated time each day under the supervision of dedicated coaches. Field trips and outings are regularly organized for the boarders. They are accompanied by their House Parent and mentors. 

Prep Time 

The boarders have an active schedule that focuses on providing every student with scholastic support under the command of trained faculty. A prep time is allocated where each boarder prepares for their lessons. Their academic growth is monitored and they have access to the classrooms in the main school building during evening study. Boarders also have individual study units in their rooms.

Tuck Shop 

SPS has a well-stocked on campus tuck shop with wide range of Indian and foreign commodities to meet the requirements.

Code of conduct 

Boarders follow a code of conduct and the campus has zero tolerance for bullying. Each child’s behavior is monitored by the House Parent and they are regularly counseled to interact and collaborate amicably with each other.

Admission Criteria

Admission Open for Session 2021-22


Indoor Sports
Outdoor Sports
AC Classes
Music Room
Dance Room
Gym Room
Health Checkup

General FAQs

Which board is this school affiliated to?

In India all Schools that have classes upto Xth or XIIth have to be affiliated to atleast one board of education. Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat is affiliated to the the following boards: CBSE.

Does this school offer Hostel facility?

Yes, Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat offers hostel facility. This school has provisions for residential scholars. Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat is a Residential School.

What facilities are available in this school?

Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat offers the following facilities: Transportation, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, AC Classes.

Is this school co-educational?

Yes, Swarnprastha Public School, Sonipat is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student's gender.