Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana

Golden Enclave, Basant Avenue

School Information

School Board: CBSE
Type: Co-Education
Hostel Facility: Day School
Address Golden Enclave, Basant Avenue, Dugri Road, Ludhiana
Contact Number 9569299090
Email ID [email protected]
Admission Update
Coming Soon
School Also Known As
MRIS Ludhiana
School Level
Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)
Established Year
Medium of Instruction
Area of Campus
2.05 Acres
Affiliation Number
M R Education Trust

Principal's Details

Principal's Name Ms. Anju Dhawan
Principal's Degree M.Sc. (Ecology & Environment), B.Ed
Principal's Teaching Experience 17 years
Principal's Admin Experience 12 years

Location Details

Nearest Railway Station
Ludhiana Junction
Nearest Railway Station Distance
12 km
Nearest Police Station
Ludhiana Junctiondugri Police Station
Nearest Police Station Distance
7 km
Nearest Bank
State Bank Of India
Nearest Bank Distance
3 km



Manav Rachna International School Ludhiana aims to explore, educate and nurture its students with an optimum blend of excellence in academics, innovation, sports, performing arts, personal growth and human values. With a vision to feed its students with the knowledge and emerge as the best choice globally, it generates an integrated focus on academics and opportunities towards holistic student learning.

The objective of education in the present times is to motivate and inspire students to think intensively, explore immensely, analyse critically as they learn to take the knowledge gained a step further by applying it in various situations or challenges faced by them. This is what progressive education is all about, and this exactly is the core philosophy behind the different educational strategies practised at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana. Here we ignite young minds and relentlessly strive to provide a platform that is instrumental in transforming their unbridled thoughts into well-contemplated actions thereby promoting their metamorphosis into confident, decisive, conscientious, empathetic and ethical global citizens.

  • Co-educational and centrally air-conditioning institute 
  • Curriculum based on International Standards, imbibed with meaningful and appropriate activities to enable holistic development of children
  • School curriculum, integrated with the best international teaching-learning practices imbibed from the AdvancED USA
  • Qualified, expert and well-trained faculty 
  • Safe, challenging and supportive environment 
  • Sports fiesta – evening games provided in the school campus under the training of expert coaches
  • State-of-the-art sports infrastructure, with national and international level coaches
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Toddlers to Grade XII-All streams
  • Meals on Campus- Tasty Spoon facility to offer fresh, nutritious food and snacks for students to keep fizzing with energy throughout the day
  • A well-equipped infirmary with all the necessary equipment and facilities to address the immediate health needs under the guidance of a well trained and qualified medical officer


At MRIS, a part of MREI, students are engaged in exploring new ideas, debating eternal questions and solving relevant problems. Learning here is excellence centred and exciting to witness. Students engage with 'big ideas' and pursue essential and enduring questions. In the corridors, you can hear the excitement of innovation. Young adults are seen confidently pursuing their passions – academic inquiry, athletic endeavour or artistic expression. Cultivating the full potential in each student requires a caring, committed and world-class faculty. The task also requires trusted relationships that are built day by day, year after year. Children and young adults are challenged to be at their best among their peers who share their sense of purpose, believe in the value of hard work and are building the courage to pursue their dreams. This is the MREI winning streak, sojourning across 23 eventful years.


• To emerge as the best choice in education, globally.

• To put the child at the heart of learning to become a transformational leader through understanding, knowledge and skills which can drive innovation to shape a better future for all.

• To generate integrated focus on academics, services, supports, and opportunities to improve student learning, stronger family bonding and healthier communities.


• To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasising his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs.

• To emphasise total personality development, conceptual ability and skill development through its own exclusively developed and structured curriculum and very methodical curriculum transaction.

• To provide freedom and space for individual expression and growth, to become self-reliant, self-motivated and a confident human being.

• To give exposure to the latest technology and learning techniques and interaction with the best resources and people will be the prime concern.


"Integrated, challenging & comprehensive International curriculum."

Manav Rachna Schools have a comprehensive curriculum of excellence with a global dimension that accommodates students' diverse learning needs and makes teaching and learning a joyful experience for students and teachers. Age-appropriate learning opportunities coupled with co-curricular activities in all the schools. The schools look after the different children's diverse needs and help them achieve the best as per their capacity and potential. Assisting children to learn-academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically is the real purpose of schools. Children's learning must respect past, respond to their current & future personal needs, their future career needs & the needs of the various societies and cultural groups they are likely to play a part, Manav Rachna curriculum is built around all these needs. Spell Genie is a regular practice through which the students add new words to their vocabulary bank to become excellent spellers and enhance their language skills.

Digital Campus

MRIS Ludhiana has actively pursued ICT integration into teaching and learning and the development of pupils' digital literacy, primarily through its ICT in schools programme. This programme has focussed on four key areas:

Provision of essential ICT infrastructure within the school

Continuous professional development for teachers in ICT

Provision of access to broadband connectivity in school

Integrating ICT within the curriculum and providing curriculum-relevant digital content and software

Meaningful integration of ICT across all grades allows children to discover, make choices, realise the impact of those choices, and explore, imagine, and problem-solve. Early Years have technical skill sessions to explore the learning domains through problem-solving, decision making, analysing, and innovative approaches. Students explore various diverse areas like movie-making, bee bot challenges, programming, graphic designing, multimedia software, and integrating online data into the projects during their ICT sessions. 

Skill Development Program

The life skills curriculum at MRIS Ludhiana is carefully designed to provide opportunities to children across grade levels to mainstream 21st-century learner skills and content knowledge through the soft skills and technical skills curriculum. While the soft skills curriculum builds values, effective communication and thinking skills, the technical skills curriculum incorporates knowledge and application of computers and the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills in the Makershala. While working on projects, students develop and put to use thinking skills, practice the scientific method, and learn crucial life skills such as collaboration, cooperation, leadership, negotiation, time management, resourcefulness, initiative-taking, decision making, inventiveness, critical and creative thinking, as well as positive behaviours and attitudes towards working on challenging problems. 

Our Skill Lab houses a project-based learning curriculum through which students explore electronics, programming, carpentry, aero-modelling, architecture, design, and robotics. Children develop skills needed in the 21st century. Students build projects/working models during these training sessions and apply concepts they learn in their core subjects like science and math. This program is run in a state-of-the art-lab established in schools. The program's objective is to first build in learners a basic set of competencies at the primary level and use them while designing solutions or testing hypotheses in the senior classes. The SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is a one-of-its-kind programme for the holistic development of the child. The Technoplanet Lab provides the latest approach in modern education. In middle school, students have a broader choice to pick from 3 broad skills - IT SKILLS (Robotics, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence), CORE ENGINEERING SKILLS (Aero-modeling, Electronics, Mechanical, Carpentry), and AUDIOVISUAL SKILLS (Photography, Film-making, Advertising and Media, Graphic designing, Digital designing). These skills enable students to view several streams and are supported by the Career Development Centre.

The students of MRIS, Ldh have put their learning into practice by assembling a Go Karting Car using PVC pipes, Motor, Battery, Rope and thick metallic sheets.

MRIS is launching four verticals in 2021-22 integrated with NEP which includes:- 

Tinkering, Agri- Tech, Coding and Robotics, Media and design

Labs & Activity Centres

Science is essentially a practical activity which proceeds through the testing of theories using experimental work and observations. Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. At MRIS, Ldh students use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts for a life long learning. 

Mathematical kits, Anatomy models, physics science kits, and chemistry science kits make it easy to comprehend the otherwise complex science and mathematics theories. During the early years, learning centres allow children to understand the social world, develop communication skills, and build teamwork relationships.

Manav Rachna Sports Academy

It is considered that both sports and strength are two sides of the coin. A person involved in sports activities indeed gets more strength than the normal person without any physical exercise. A person interested in sports can develop great body strength and make his or her career bright by participating in sports at the national or international level. Indoor and outdoor Sports Academy at MRIS, Ldh offers a plethora of activities ranging from Golf Simulator, Shooting, Squash, Billiard to Carom, Table Tennis, Net Ball, Cricket, Skating, Yoga, Martial Arts and Chess under the guidance of expert coaches.

Manav Rachna collaborates with global companies like Taylor Made, Yonex, Stag and Arsenal, Suis Accor, and Perazzi, to name a few. MRSA also has a state-of-the-art shooting range with electronic targets. 

Manav Rachna Shooting Academy is now also a part of the Khelo India scheme.

Indoor Sports Facilities

Table tennis







Martial Arts

Outdoor Sports Facilities






UNSDGs Based Annual Projects

'We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.'

This is the fundamental premise that the Annual Projects at MRIS attempt to work with. Annual projects are developed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(UNSDGs). UNSDGs represent the challenges that humanity faces as a whole towards its survival on the planet. It is crucial that children, who are the major stakeholders in this endeavour, be aware of these challenges. Therefore, the purpose of these projects is to have an aware population and one which is well- equipped with knowledge and know-how on how to tackle these issues as they grow up. The onus lies in finding innovative and sustainable solutions to humankind's challenges as defined in the UNSDGs. In this regard, the endeavour at MRIS is to provide age-appropriate training to the children as part of their education.

Annual projects are year-long collaborative projects involving children across multi-age and multi-grade groups to systematically develop scientific skills while working on various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). At MRIS Ldh, children use library resources and digital technology to collect information to execute sub-projects. They practice and apply life skills and learner skills while brainstorming, planning, organising, and executing the projects. Under this, we have the following projects lined up for our multi-grade vertical groups of students:

  • Clean water and sanitation.
  • Life on Land.
  • Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth.
  • Community Connect.

Under UNSDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, children studied the Fashion Design Industry in a hands-on way and experienced artisans' effort in the industry. Under other UNSDGs, children undertook various projects to maximise greenery in personal living spaces in urban spaces. They learned the mechanics of applying agricultural techniques in limited areas, reused and recycled waste products creatively in homes and made new products. Children learn a host of things that will help them be more involved in their world by addressing the problems and crisis that looms in this age and grow as proactive citizens. The students crafted their birdhouse to help the little creatures.

They also constructed a vermicomposting pit, where the students used peels of vegetables and fruits from the Cafeteria and prepared compost, which they used in organic farming. School also launched an awareness campaign and initiated a petition against the use of plastic.


Indoor Sports
Outdoor Sports
Music Room
Dance Room
Health Checkup

General FAQs

Which board is this school affiliated to?

In India all Schools that have classes upto Xth or XIIth have to be affiliated to atleast one board of education. Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana is affiliated to the the following boards: CBSE.

Does this school offer Hostel facility?

Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana does not offer hostel facility. This school does not have any provisions for residential scholars. Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana is a Day School.

What facilities are available in this school?

Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana offers the following facilities: Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports.

Is this school co-educational?

Yes, Manav Rachna International School , Ludhiana is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student's gender.