Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur - Uniform Application 1

Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur

near J K Temple, Narainpurwa

School Information

School Board: CBSE
Type: Co-Education
Hostel Facility: Residential School
Address near J K Temple, Narainpurwa, Kamla Nagar, Kanpur
Contact Number 2218222 , 2218283
Email ID [email protected]
Admission Update
Coming Soon
School Also Known As
Singhania School Kanpur
School Level
Senior Secondary (Till Class 12)
Established Year
Medium of Instruction
Affiliation Number
Sir Padampat Singhania Memorial Foundation

Principal's Details

Principal's Name Bhawna Gupta
Principal's Degree P.hd
Principal's Teaching Experience 22 years
Principal's Admin Experience 17 years

Location Details

Nearest Railway Station
Nearest Railway Station Distance
3 km
Nearest Police Station
Nearest Police Station Distance
0.5 km
Nearest Bank
Bank Of India
Nearest Bank Distance
1 km



It was the vision of the great Lala Kamlapatji, to try and make the pre-independent India as self-sufficient as possible. His idea of an independent India led him to establish the Uttar Pradesh Chamber of Commerce. This later laid the foundation for the mighty ‘J.K.’ Enterprises, which is a symbol of modern India. Sir Padmapat, the son of Shri Kamlapatji, was born in the year 1905. It was his passion for all things new, that led to the establishment of various educational centres, medical and religious institutes. After his father’s demise in the year 1937, he took over the J.K. Organisation and led it to the iconic status it enjoys today. Established in the year 1982, Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, Kanpur is also a significant part of the vast Singhania vision. Lady Anusiya Singhania laid the foundation stone for this prestigious institute. 


Today, the institute is an icon of good education, a reputed name in learning, and a ground for the budding talents to find their flight. Since its foundation in the year 1982, Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, Kanpur has embraced the best in positive changes. The institute is an epitome of modernization while still staying grounded to its roots. The establishment has been able to bring to focus the importance of quality education and the importance it has it the future of a nation. The shining and rising stars from this very institute have been lighting up the horizons of the nation. While academics are a vital aspect of its existence, the school has been able to generate the right kind of importance in the other areas of progressive learning as well. This institute is involved with various social causes and movements as well. 

Vision and Mission

To produce global leaders who are physically strong, intellectually sharp, mentally alert, emotionally stable, and spiritually enlightened. 

To be able to generate practical and theoretical knowledge, wisdom and universal brotherhood through teaching and inspiration. 


Spread over 11 acres, the Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, Kanpur campus is one of the largest in the city and holds equal prominence. The institute itself is conveniently situated at the heart of the city and is accessible from all prime locations of the city. The entire establishment comprises of various blocks that house classrooms, auditoriums, labs, and more. The campus also comprises a good amount of greenery and is one of the largest areas dedicated to the plantation of trees. 


One of the unique features at the Sir Padampat Singhania Education Centre, Kanpur is the Vatikas. These are special gardens that allow the individual to connect with nature. It has three in total, namely – Buddh Vatika, Navgrah Vatika and Punerjeevan Vatika. Each one is a specialized place where the ‘theme’ is unique. The main aspect of this idea is to instil within the youth the importance of maintaining one’s natural environment. Each Vatika displays the student’s own interests and a close involvement with the nurturing of the natural wealth of green. The school introduces and practices the ideas of recycling, creative use of wastes, and using the bounties of nature in our everyday lives. 

Botanical Garden

This is a unique feature of the institute and one of its kind in the entire city. A well-established Botanical Garden brings to life various concepts and theories from the textbooks. Here the students get to spend quality time learning and understanding its effect on the overall lifecycle. 

Computer Department

This is the first institute of its kind in the city to rapidly embrace the technology and the changes it brings about. Bringing to being the basis of self-dependency, the school has its very own software. This is used in the efficient maintenance of Record Keeping, Analysis, Time table management, and Attendance, keeping to name a few. The Computer department itself is in-sync with the latest, and the faculty is an experienced one. The department enjoys a good collaboration with many national and international organizations like Oracle, Apple, Adobe, and many more. 


Just like the rest of the campus, the library at the institute is an attraction in itself. This is a place of pure literary treasures where the students can relish a good read. Equipped with a sufficient number of Kindle and other technology of relevance, the ‘Digital Library’ is a real thing around. Here, one can find some of the priced ancient literature and the latest in updates as well. 


The institute comprises of three distinct laboratories. These are exclusive places of ultimate learning where no expense is spared when it comes to making them well-equipped. With up-to-date instruments, types of equipment, and instruments; the Chemistry lab, the Physics lab, and the Biotechnology lab are well planned in every aspect. The maximum capacity of the lab is 100 students at a time, and the labs have been renovated with the changing times. The hi-tech English lab is also available to offer a wider understanding of the stream.


Good food forms a vital part of the Singhania family at the institute, and this is ensured in a well-planned menu here. The food prepared is hygienic and well-balanced to offer the right amount of healthy nourishment to the growing youth.


The institute has various features to enhance the overall sporting experience. The two large sports grounds, well maintained Cricket pitches, Tennis Court and the state-of-art Academy are some of the highlights of sports facilities available. The Tennis Court, Yoga, and Yoga training are also a part of the active sports participation here. 

Moot Court

The Singhania Education Center has initiated a fun legal aptitude based competition. This has grown into a popular tradition today where the students get a better understanding of legal diversity. The virtual set-up of the existing legal system was as real as possible to make the experience as real as possible. This is to offer the budding aspirants a platform to practice their research capacities, case study, and tactical verbal assault.


The ‘Model United Nations’ has become a vital part of enhancing the intellect among the students. This two-day extravaganza allows the students to debate based on international issues, drafting resolutions and improving socialization. This is to improve and bring about the various MUM committees together.


Art is a much-encouraged field at the Singhania Education Centre. Students learn all the various aspects of arts like Cooking, Batik, Sewing, Portrait, Weaving, Collage, and more. The school has a well-equipped Music and Dance room where teachers shape emerging talent. Art in all forms is encouraged to develop visual and other skills. 

Student Care Unit

The institute comprises of the school infirmary which is headed by a well-trained medical practitioner. Regular health checkups for each student and records are maintained here. Also, included in the ‘Psychological ‘counselling, which also forms a vital aspect of the overall health and well-being of the students. 


The institute also includes scholarship programs to encourage brilliant minds and talents. These are:

A Scholarship award for Class XII Board achievement- INR 300000

Stream Topper – INR INR 5000 each

Highest scorers in each stream (8)- INR 25000 each

Fee Structure

Registration fee: INR 1500

Admission Fee XI-XII: INR 25000

Caution Money: INR 6500

The fee as per Class

Play Group: INR 4900 – INR 5000 per month

K.G.: INR 4000- INR 5000 per month

I to V: INR 6500 – INR 7000 per month

VI to VIII: INR 7000 per month

IX – X: INR 7800- INR 7900 per month

Science in XI-XII: INR 7500- INR 7600 per month

Com/Humanities in XI-XII: INR 6500- INR 6700 per month

Sci + Comp in XI-XII: INR 8350- INR 8400

Com/Hum + Comp in XI-XII : INR 7400

Biotechnology in XI-XII: INR 8350- INR 8400

Admission Process

Registration – November of each year

The registration process needs to be completed as per the said date

The selected students will have to appear for a Written Exam 

The next round is the Interview 

The final stage before admission is the Medical Examination which the selected students will have to go through.

The school closes the final stages of admissions by the end of July.

Documents Required

Two passport-sized photographs of the student

Two photocopies of the Birth Certificate

The Adhar card copy of both the student and the Parent

The Copy of the current/latest Report card of the student

Achievements and Honours

No.1 School in Kanpur- by Education World India Ranking

No. 4 School in Uttar Pradesh- by Education World India Ranking

Winner of the 14th World Education Award 2019

Brainfeed Award Winners

Topmost Schools of India, 23 May 2019, at the Education Conclave by the Digital Learning Magazine

India’s Best School- 2018-19- U.P., Jury’s Choice Award

Academic Achievements 2019

Suhani Agarwal- Class XII Board Exam 2019, 1st Rank in Kanpur- Humanities stream

Saumya Sakhuja- Class XII Board Exam 2019, 2nd Rank in Kanpur- Commerce Stream

Siddharth Chaudhary- Class XII Board Exam 2019, 2nd Rank in Kanpur- Science stream


Sir Padampat Singhania Education Center is one of the best institutes in the state and nationwide. This school is a perfect example of implementing practical learning methods with traditional methods. Here, it places a prime focus on the individual requirement of the students, along with their special skills. The faculty is a well-trained one, who place proper training methods when it comes to grooming of each student through more practical, theoretical, and skill implied methods of learning. It places a lot of emphases upon recognizing the individual gifts of each child to help them achieve their goals in the right manner. Also, the extra-curriculum, sports, and academic achievements are some of the best at the Singhania Education Center. Here it offers each child a proper, personality grooming sessions to be able to imbibe manners, culture and good code of conduct. 

It admits students on the basis of the calibre of each child, and no other means are encouraged at the institute. The admissions are also subjected to the availability of the seats for the current year. Overall, it is a great institute to develop one’s character, sharpen the skills, and to explore new horizons. 


Indoor Sports
Outdoor Sports
Music Room
Dance Room
Gym Room
Health Checkup

General FAQs

Which board is this school affiliated to?

In India all Schools that have classes upto Xth or XIIth have to be affiliated to atleast one board of education. Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur is affiliated to the the following boards: CBSE.

Does this school offer Hostel facility?

Yes, Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur offers hostel facility. This school has provisions for residential scholars. Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur is a Residential School.

What facilities are available in this school?

Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur offers the following facilities: Transportation, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports.

Is this school co-educational?

Yes, Sir Padampat Singhania Education , Kanpur is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student's gender.