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It is that time of the year again when your children’s eyes are glued to a screen for the full day instead of the usual half. The sun is trying to hit a century so going out to play has become a herculean task and the school homework can always be complete near the end of the summer vacation.

Summer vacations seem like a lush valley when viewed from across the thick jungle that is the “work days”. However, when you are at this valley, you realize that it is a bit barren and there is too much free time with little to do. This realization is even more daunting for parents who want to spend quality time with their children during the boring summer break but don’t want their faces to be buried in front of a screen the entire time.

So here are a few things you could do to keep your child occupied during their summer break:

things to do during summer vacation

The Heat won’t catch up on a hill station

The summer vacation is the best time to take your children out for a nice holiday at a hill station as the temperature there is a lot lower. Children love to explore new places and what could be a better time than their summer break for them to do that. Also, it’s not just about the children, everybody needs a relaxing break from the daily grind. The climate for hill stations such as Nainital, Dehradun, and Mussoorie is perfect this time around for you and your family.

Summer is the season of the swimmer

Swimming in the summer is an effective way of beating the heat. An early morning swim in the summer freshens up both the mind and the body which is a lot more refreshing than taking a long bath. With the schools out, this is the best time for your children to learn swimming.
Some schools even offer summer swimming camps across the vacations to teach children how to swim and for others to hone their skills at the pool. Parents can always induct them at such courses. So, if your children are interested in swimming, this summer can turn them into proficient swimmers. If you want to teach them swimming by yourself, you can also do that at the local swimming pool.

Something smells fresh

Kid versions of cooking shows have been big hits in the past few years. The idea of children chefs trying their hands in the kitchen is gaining steam. Why should your child stay behind?

Summer vacation is a good time for your children to take up cooking. Children can start to learn cooking at a very young age, they can help in measuring all the ingredients, stirring and decorating the various dishes. The more responsible children can even help their parents handle kitchen appliances. Children will be joyous if there are able to help their parents with the dinner table during the course of their vacations.

Visit to remember

A great opportunity that the summer vacations provides is that while the school is closed all the other fun places in the city are still open. It is the perfect time for you to take your children to places such as the zoo, waterparks, museums and a lot of other fascinating places in your city. This would take them out of their phones and televisions and would actually help them explore the outside world.

Visiting places such as museums or art galleries would help your children discover new interests during their summer vacation. A family trip to the local water park or zoo could always lighten up the mood of the children if they are feeling bored.

Summer vacations can be a boring time for the kids and it is up to you make it exciting for them. The activities listed above only offer a sample of all the things that you can do with your kids this summer. However, whatever activity is decided upon it is primitive that you make it memorable for the kids as well as yourself. Happy Vacations!!!

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Hi, I'm Mohammad Haaris Beg, an aspiring journalist from Bennett University, Greater Noida.

Mohammad Haaris Beg

Mohammad Haaris Beg

Hi, I'm Mohammad Haaris Beg, an aspiring journalist from Bennett University, Greater Noida.


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