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Earlier known as the United Kingdom Citizens’ Association; Mrs R.L Powell founded Sheiling House School, Kanpur. Much, like the educational institutes of the time, Seiling House School catered to the children of the English residing in the state. However, in the year 1958, the British had started to leave India, leaving the schools in a state of confusion about their future. It was then that the futuristic Indian thinkers put forward the idea to allow the uninterrupted running of the school. So, it was the 20th of December 1958, that the Shieling House School, came into existence under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

This brand new start was seen by just 39 students at the time, with five classes in existence. It took another year for the syllabus to be revived to suit the needs of the Indian youth. The school saw a rapid growth in due course of time, with various exclusive features like Arts and Music. Soon, the institute grew into an important educational centre in the state.

Sheiling House School, Kanpur
Sheiling House School, Kanpur

Address: Zoe Ville, 10/498, Allenganj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001

Contact Information: 0512-255041

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

Website: /

Affiliated to: ICSE

Foundation: 1958

Principle: Ms Vanita Mehrotra

Education System: Co-ed

Board: ICSE, ISC


Preparation of the minds of the youth of today for the future that lies tomorrow is the idea that Sheiling House School, Kanpur stands by. This institute has been a pioneer in being able to balance both the academics and extra-curriculum with equal importance. Being one of the earliest known schools in the state, this school has grown with the changing times. Today, the Sheiling House School has expanded not only in its premises but also in its achievements. This institute has bought to be some of the brightest stars, that have gone ahead to shine in the horizons of the world.

The Sheiling House School has grown according to the need of the era. The mode of teaching and learning are modern, along with the rightful introduction of digitalization of the same. Along with academics, the school authority also pays equal importance to the development of morals and discipline within each child.


To be able to groom children into conscious, competitive, social, and good citizens. Overall, to make each child a good human being through the channel of a complete education.


Sheiling House School, Kanpur comprises of two distinct wings, i.e. the Junior Wing and the Senior Wing. The Junior wing is dedicated to the Pre-Primary and the Primary classes comprising from I to IV. The Senior Wing comprises of classes from V to XII. The school premise itself is a perfect blend of greenery, bricks, and walls with character. Here, one gets the feeling of an open environment where learning is an on-going process.

Sheiling House School, Kanpur
Sheiling House School, Kanpur


The school has been able to bring about massive changes with the changing times. Today, it comprises of all the modern facilities and amenities one would expect from a well-established school. The campus comprises of 7 well-equipped laboratories where the students witness the various miracles of life. The library at the Sheiling House School is a well-stocked one with 37000 books and various study materials. Also, available is a ‘First Aid Center’ where a well-trained medical practitioner is present during school hours. Here, routine medical checkups are of immense importance, and all students are offered the right amount of attention. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, making it easier for the students to acquire information whenever and where ever required. This is as per the ‘cybersecurity’ protocol, that ensures safe browsing across the campus.


Sports has been a vital aspect of the curriculum at Sheiling House School. AT the institute, sports and sporting events of all types are encouraged. At the institute, well-trained coaches are in the constant pursuit to carve the potential of the budding sports stars of tomorrow. Also, it has been established from the very start, that the sporting activities are just as important as the academics, and all have to offer their active participation. Camping and trekking are vital aspects of major events at the school. This allows the students a chance to live within proximity to nature. Various sports like Badminton, Boxing, Karate, Taekwando, Carrom, Football, Basketball, Cricket are among the most sought-after sporting activities. Girls, along with the boys, have shown remarkable achievements in sports like boxing and Karate, making the institute proud.

Sports Achievements:

State Level

  • Sneha Cahurasia – Champions of the Junior Girls Category
  • Vishal Dixit – Campion of the Senior Boys category
  • The two achievers will be representing the state at the National level tournament. 
  • ASISC Football Tournament– 3rd position which was held at St. Joseph School, Dehradun
  • ASISC Girls Basketball Tournament- the team represented the state at the event.
  • ASISC Boys Basketball Tournament- the team represented the state at the event

Extra-Curricular Activities

Cultivating culture is one of the prime aspects of character development at the Sheiling House School. To enhance the inner talent and artistic endeavor, the teachers help the students showcase their talents. Various themes and events are regularly celebrated at the institute. Apart from the Music, Dance and Singing; The school encourages various other activities as well. Both Indian and Western aspects of growth and developments are introduced regularly. Interesting events like Storytelling, Monkey Dance, Nukkad Natak, Personality Plus, and the Hindi Diwas are celebrated with aplomb.


  • ASISC English Debate- 2019- 2nd Runner Up
  • ASISC Regional Quiz- 2019- Winner
  • Comfest- 2019- 1st Runner up
  • Inter-School Literary Events- 2019- Winners
  • Wiz National Spell Bee- 2019- State Level Winners
  • ISC Quiz – 2019 Cahmiopns winner

The Sheiling House School has also been able to proudly represent itself at various state, national, and also International events. The students have bought back some great titles home and have made the country proud. Also, a great deal of importance is placed on sharpening the debating talents at the school, and the winners have shone all the way through. The school organises various events of relevance to keep students in touch with their National Culture and language.

Academic Achievements

  • ISC Science topper- 5th overall India rank- 99%- Shivam Gupta
  • ISC Humanities Topper- Shreya Paliwal- 98.3%
  • ICSE Science Topper- 5th Overall India Rank- 98.8%- Aryan Singh
  • ICSE Commerce Topper- 98.2%- Kartik Dixit
  • ISC Commerce Topper – 4th overall India Rank- 99.3%- Agrim Jain
  • ICSE Science Topper- 98%- Aditi Singh
  • 13 students have been selected for the IIT JEE Mains-2019
  • 24 Students have scored 100 marks in various subjects- ISC board- Class XII
  • 54 Students have scored 100 marks in various subjects- ICSE Board- Class X

School Events

  • Science Fest
  • Children’s Day
  • Night Camp
  • Comfest
  • Hindi Abhivyakti
  • Fun Fest
  • Education Fair
  • Summer Camp
  • Talent Show
  • Celebrity Night
  • Teknovation
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Maths and Science Olympiad
  • Sports Day
Sheiling House School
Sheiling House School

Admission Information

  • Admission date: 1st April every year
  • Documents required:
    • Birth Certificate- Original for verification
    • The latest report card
    • Registration fee- INR 500
    • Transfer certificate of the previous school
    • Passport-sized photographs

Admission Criteria

  • Admissions for Playgroup to Class IX – based on the seats available (as per the waiting list after registration)
  • Admissions to Nursery – the age limit is two years and six months as on May 31st
  • Class XI – The school admits students to Class XI as per the authorities selection procedures and the availability of the seats.


Prospectus fee – INR 1500

Admission fee – INR 8000

Security Deposit – INR 25000

Magazine Fee – INR 200

Fees as per classes every quarter

Play-group– INR 26500

Nursery– INR 13700- INR 15200

Pre-primary– INR 12000- INR 13500

Standard 1– INR 12000- INR 13500

Classes II-IV– INR 12800- INR 14300

Standards V-VIII– INR 12800- INR 14300

Classes IX- X Sc INR 13100- INR 14600

Standards IX-X Com– INR 12100-INR 13600

Classes XI-XII Sc– INR 13350- INR 14850

Standards XI-XII Com – INR 12350- INR 13850

*Extra Fee of INR 1000 for the students who commence Computer Science for each quarter


  • One of the best’ Schools in India’- by EducationWorld C- fore Survey- 2013
  • India’s Top ICSE School City Wise
  • Holds 8th position – India’s top-ranking- ‘Goodwill, Legacy & Reputation Rank’.
  • The school website also features among some of the most visited list- 151 monthly web visitors


The Sheiling House School, Kanpur is one of the best-known schools statewide and nationwide. The school has a legacy and has witnessed the growth of the nation through time. The institute has been successful in being able to embrace the rightful changes while maintaining the values of the school’s foundation intact. Here, students from all backgrounds, religions are offered equal chances. The main interest of the authority is to offer shape to the potential, talent, and intelligence. It firmly believes in the power of the right platform and has been able to offer wings to many flights. The school is moderate in terms of affordability, where students from all wakes of lives can acquire admissions, based on their existing calibre. Overall, a good school, if you wish to shape your child and expose them to innumerable global opportunities.

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.

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