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With schools across the nation gearing up with full-fledged classes after the summer break, there are many parents who might be facing the issue of school refusal by their children. While a small amount of coaxing and cajoling to convince your child to go to school is perfectly natural, given the early morning waking up regime and coming-back-to-routine fever, some parents find it extremely difficult to push their children to attend school. Indubitably, the formative years of a child’s life are the most crucial ones for building a strong foundation that goes a long way to hone their cognitive and affective skills and shape their future prospects. Hence, it is important that your child attends school and does so with the right amount of motivation. So how do you go about ensuring that your child’s school is a happy haven for your darling?

Parent-Teacher Connect- How to Make School a Happy Place for your Child
Parent-Teacher Connect- How to Make School a Happy Place for your Child

Choose the right school

If your child is reluctant to go to school, ask yourself, have you picked up the right one for him/ her? Every parent wants the best education for their child. However, going deeper into the background, the reviews, the overall performance and the achievements of the school in a myriad of spheres is important to understand whether your child’s school is the right niche for him/her. Schools like The Lexicon International School, Wagholi aim at proffering holistic education that not only caters to the wholesome development of the child but also ensures that students are happy learners eager to grasp and broaden their horizon. This is done by providing an array of opportunities in various genres which help build your child’s confidence from an early age while nurturing their innate passion and skills effectively.

Stay in Touch with the Teachers

If your child is not willing to go to school and throws tantrums every morning, keep your calm and try delving deeper. And the best way to do so is to create a link with your child’s teacher. Instead of accusing the teacher for any issue at school, maintain an attitude of sobriety and broach the subject as one that you as a parent and the teacher as the facilitator and nurturer would have to resolve jointly. Positive reinforcement would also act as a sweet potion for the teacher as they too feel assured and respected to see parents concerned about their child and willing to lend a helping hand instead of trying to teach them how to handle kids.

When you create a bond with the teacher, be sure to share any issue that your child may be facing at home such as temper tantrums, hyperactivity, consistent disobedience or even sleepless nights. This way, the teacher too would be armed and aware of putting aside any sort of negativity and handle your child with proper care. This would mean less problems at school and a happy environment where your child feels at ease.

Lend a patient ear to your child’s problems

Children may not feel secure to share their problems with their parents. The responsibility ultimately rests on comfortable you as the parent to win his/her confidence and encourage them to share their fears or worries. Make a point to keep a specific time to talk to your little one and preferably do it when you are alone with him/her, probably just before going to bed or when you are taking him/ her to some classes.

Be an active parent

Whether it is by becoming a member of the Parent Teacher Association or being involved in activities and events of the school, being an active parent will help the teachers know you well. This will not only help you put forth your opinions about any concerns regarding your child but will also aid in building greater confidence in your child.

Encourage positive attitude towards the school and the teacher

Do not portray a lenient attitude when your child shows reluctance to go to school. Instead, maintain a firm attitude and state that even if he/she doesn’t want to go he/she has to. If there’s any issue he/she can pour her heart out to you and you assure him/her to sort it out. Give out appreciative remarks about the teachers and the school from time to time so that your child can imbue the value of respecting the institution and the facilitators. A note of appreciation to the teacher will help boost his/her morale and inspire him/her to go the extra mile and the positivity will percolate to your child as well.

Your child is the most precious gift of your life and together with the teachers, you can indeed make their second home, the school a happy place to be in.

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I am a student of Saint Xavier’s College, Mumbai. I like playing and watching sports. I also like to read crime novels and mythological stories.

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