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The congregation of the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur was founded in France. In 1804 the society was established by St. Julie Billiart. The mission soon laid its roots in various countries, starting with Germany. The main aim of the society was to offer social, education and medical services to the society. In India, in 1960, the Notre Dame Academy, Patna was established. What started with just 29 children that year has become a full-fledged education movement in its own rights. The school has preserve the remnants of the original architecture in the current modern building as a tribute to the early efforts of the pioneers. In fact, parts of the original entrance gate still exist in combination with the infrastructure of today. The early principal’s space from the foundation times is well preserved within the latest building; a reminder of the glorious yet simple times gone by.


Today, more than 3000 students comprise the total student body and the numbers seem to be increasing gradually. The registration and race to admission at Notre Dame Academy, Patna is an important event at the start of every academic year, when students from far and wide arrive with dreams in their eyes. The early address of the basic start at ‘184 Patliputra Colony’ has outgrown the rented building into a savvy facility of the times today. It has become one of the best schools in Patna.

Notre Dame Academy, Patna
Notre Dame Academy, Patna

Additional Details

Address: Patliputra Colony, Patna, Bihar, 800013, India

Contact: 0612 – 2277791 , 0612-2262332

Email: [email protected]

Motto: “Lead Me From Light to Darkness”

Foundation: 1960

Affiliated to: CBSE


Grades: Std 1 – 12th

Principal: Sister Jessey SND

Headmistress: Sister Late

Director: Sister Mary Namrata


The school’s mission is to:

  • Transform society for the better
  • Develop respect for all the creatures
  • Place one’s trust in the goodness of God.

Admission and Admission Process

For Class 1 to 9th

  • Admission Enquiry: January Second week
  • Admission Process: July
  • Application forms: available from Mid March
  • Admissions are subjected to the availability of the seats.

For Class XI

  • Admission: after the CBSE boards for Class X
  • Application form: available after the declaration of the board results

Office Hours

  • Principal’s Office: 10:30 am to 11: 30 am (Mon to Fri)
  • School’s Office: Mon- Fri 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Eligible age for Admissions:
    • Nursery: 2 years and 6 months on the 31st March of the current year of admission
    • Class 1: 5 years and 6 months on the 31st March of the current year of admission

Documents Required

  • The registration form completed and filled
  • Birth Certificate, self-attested
  • Transfer certificate from the previous school
  • Marks card of the previous school
  • Passport-sized photographs of the student


 FOR NDA StudentsFor Non-NDA students
Science Stream PCMINR 58,700INR 63,700
Science Stream PCBINR 56 900INR 61 900
Commerce and ArtsINR 53 900INR 58900

School Honours and Ranks

  • Best girls School – State 2017
  • Best School band award
  • Goodwill, Legacy and Reputation- Rank 5
  • Online and Social Presence – Rank 4
  • Presidents Medal for the National Best teachers Award- 2017


Notre Dame Academy, Patna
Notre Dame Academy, Patna

The massive school structure covers 9.25 acres. The green grounds, fields and classrooms are well-planned in-sync with the current times. While a few specific ‘spots’ of historical importance are well-preserved for inspiration, the overall structure has been revamped over the years. The central attraction of the school premise is the ‘Amphitheatre’, which is a circular area that contains the gathering. It is here that all the performances, assemblies and important announcements take place.


The Notre Dame Academy comprises of various lab facilities for respective subjects. Taking a step ahead, is the all-exclusive ‘Language Lab’. This is a state-of-art set-up where the girls can enhance their Oratory skills, pronunciations and diction. The training also includes improving Grammar and language.

Math Lab

Likewise, the ‘Math Lab’ is one of a kind facility at the school, which offers detailed training in the subject. The lab comprises of computer set-ups that are connected to the centralized server, which allows the various theories to come alive.

Science Labs

The Science labs are modern and well-equipped with all the requirements for each subject. The Physics lab can seat up to 45 students at a time. The labs also have a storage room where all the apparatus and other equipment can be stored. The Chemistry lab is a well-planned facility where precaution and safety are ensured. Various chemicals, apparatus and other equipment required for experiments are available at all times. To enhance a better experience, a locker room and storage room also form a vital aspect of the lab. Biology lab is yet another set-up where an exclusive collection of various specimens, preservations, and models are available. With a capacity of 35 students at a time, the Biology lab is spacious enough and well-equipped with the required materials for the better understanding of the subject.

IT Lab

The IT lab at the Notre Dame Academy is a spectre of a better insight to assist the minds of the future. Here, the students undergo rigorous training in various aspects of IT-related knowledge. The IT faculty offers the right kind of assistance to the young girls as per their respective classes.


The library is one of the most important and busy places of the campus at Notre Dame. Here, one can find busy minds brushing up their concepts or preparing for a new challenge. The library houses a massive collection of books, literary materials, board sample papers and more. Also, one can find over 40 magazines to choose from 2 dailies and 60 maps and charts. The library is digitally enabled, allowing easy record-keeping and browsing facilities.


In order to inculcate a rich sense of spirituality within the hearts of each student, the Chapel at Notre Dame Academy is a place to visit. Here, one can find solace and privacy to form a relationship with God. Here, one can witness various queries, concerns and worries fade away as the person walks into the Chapel premise.


The Canteen is an important affair at the Notre Dame Academy. Here various delicacies are available under strict hygiene and cleanliness conditions. The menu has been set up keeping in mind the demands of the youth; while maintaining a proper nutrition balance as well.

Julie Hall

Inaugurated in the year 1989, the Julie hall is the hub of all activities. Here, the young tots recite their very first rhymes and perform their first-ever concerts. All the important presentations, sessions and announcements take place at the Julie Hall.


Sport is a vital part of the Notre Dame tradition. In order to ensure proper training and spirit of sports within each child, the authorities have ensured the right facilities. With three playgrounds, a 200m and 400m running tracks, basketball court, and more, all the sporting events take place on campus.

The school’s well-accomplished trainers and coaches make sure that the deserving students get the right kind of platform. The sports day is a spectacle where various events, the march past, drill and choreography is a sight to watch.

Individual Honours and Achievements

  • The Class XII board topper 2019- Maryam Reza Khan- 489/500- State topper                                                                              
  • Class XII topper CBSE 2017- Arts Stream – Aishani Shrivastava- 96%
  • Class XII topper CBSE board topper- 2012- Anushree- 95.6%


  • Sports day
  • Hindi Bhashan Partiyogita
  • Diamond Jubilee celebrations
  • Children’s day
  • Notre Dame Day
  • Republic Day
  • Christmas Celebrations
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • St Julie’s Feast

Notre Dame Academy Initiatives

The Julie School is a pride of Notre Dame Academy. This is an initiative by the institute to give back to society. The Julie School is for the underprivileged children of the society who wish to pursue basic education. This initiative startedin the year 1987, in a one-floor building. However, after the overwhelming response and the bright results that shone, the establishment was further expanded. Here, classes from KG to VIII are conducted at par with the Bihar Board syllabus. 

The students learn all the subjects, and the school takes special care to ensure that the initiative benefits each child. Also, the students are trained with various skills in creativity and activities, like painting, creative writing, singing and poetry. The students also receive stationery, clothes and food on a regular basis. In order to further encourage the budding minds, the school also celebrates Teacher’s Day, Sports Day and Children’s Day. The initiative is an important one, which allows the poorer sections of society to experience a ray of hope through education. It also helps each of them to recognize within themselves the potentials and talents.


Notre Dame Academy
Notre Dame Academy

The Notre Dame Academy, Patna, is a legacy in its own rights. The establishment is a prominent one, and has been able to hold on to the bright banner of the earliest founders flying high. The results of the schools always manage to make it to the news and the students shine bright in the skies of academics. The fee structure has been arranged keeping in mind students from various backgrounds, thus, can be considered reasonable enough.

Also, the Julie School as an initiative is one of the prime examples of how we need to help give back to society. The students from this school have gone ahead to pursue their dreams and ambitions after being equipped with the basic knowledge of the importance of education. Overall, the Notre Dame Academy, Patna, is a fine institute and one of the best schools for girls. Here the children are safe, secure and also shown the bright possibilities of a promising future.

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