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Introduction to Mussoorie International School

Mussoorie International School
Mussoorie International School

Established in 1984 by Guru Dev Pandit Acharyaji, the Mussoorie International School believes that “Legacy is not built overnight, but over time.” Giving justice to its name, the school continues to be the premier institution for providing a world of creative development to the girls along with a strong academic base. 

For over 35 years, the school has been a transforming factor for girls across 27 nations. It intertwines traditional ethics and modern values to make sure the girls grow into bold, confident and prolific women of tomorrow. With its global curriculum and indigenous heritage, the school is a leading name among the best residential schools in India, and especially for among the best all girls’ boarding schools in India.

The prestigious institute offers studies from grade 1 to 12 of Indian Certificate of Secondary Education(ICSE), Grade 9 and 12 of Cambridge Assessment International Education(CAIE) and the IB Diploma Programme. 

Sprawled across 40 acres along the hills of Mussoorie, the school offers a majestic campus. The campus includes every facility like well-equipped dormitories, laboratories, library, recreational centres and a medical centre to ensure the safety and health of students. 

School Board: ICSE, CAIE, IB

Type: Residential

Address: Polo Ground, Sri Nagar Estate, Charleville, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179

Contact: 91 6399036060, +91 9837460408,+91 135 2632763




The school aims to impart a comprehensive and global, integral education. It makes the use of the latest pedagogical techniques and learning standards that cater to children from all parts of the world. The students together learn to grow with a global perspective and live in harmony. The school ensures the total educational, physical, intellectual and emotional aspect of child development . The school focuses on Enlightenment through Academics, Empowerment through technology, Excellence in Sports, Consciousness towards Environment, Empathy through social responsibility, and Enrichment through creative and performing arts. 

Interactive Learning and Smart Classes

Teaching methods which focus on better  understanding
Teaching methods which focus on better understanding

The teaching is such that not only makes the child learn, but understand. The pedagogy is comprehensive and contemporary, such that compliments preparation for leading universities of the world. Lessons are taught in a way that the students can draw links with real-life situations. The school focuses on “High Order Thinking.” The teachers apply different strategies to students of different learning abilities. It gives Special support to slow learners. Education at Mussoorie International School is popular for its uniquely Indian basis with international learning practices. 

Career Mapping

 The future of the students at Mussoorie International School is a prior responsibility of the staff teachers. To help the girls realise their skills, the school provides expert guidance in academic planning, courses and programmes. It also offers in-school classes for PSAT, SAT, CLAT, NID, BM, IELTS, engineering & NEET examinations. Moreover, it organizes seminars by leading national and international institutes. The college counselor actively helps students apply to colleges and get through the entrances. Girls from Mussoorie International School go on to join the leading national and international colleges around the world like the University of Columbia, Auckland University, National Institute of Design and Miranda House, University of Delhi. 

Beyond The Classroom

Skill Enhancement as part of overall development
Skill Enhancement as part of overall development

The Mussoorie International School provides an active environment full of flamboyance and learning to its girls. The school believes in overall development which comes from various extracurricular activities. There are various active clubs at the college: 

Theatre Club: The theatre club is a highly esteemed club of the school. The students become active participants, learn the meaning of true effort, gather confidence on and off the stage and become better communicators. The school participates in various inter-school competitions.

Robotics Club: The children develop creative thinking in the robotics club. They learn about the technical aspects of coding, software, programming as well as working in a team.

Gardening Club: The club is a unique feature of the MIS, the students receive hands-on training on growing their fruits. In the process, they learn about the environment and the importance of self labour.

Debate Club: The students learn analytical skills and become better orators. They learn to overcome stage fright and improve their group discussion skills. 

Photography Club: The interested students learn about the aspects of professional photography/ recording. The club records all the important events of the school. These are published in the school magazine, journals etc.

Moreover, the students develop art appreciation to exposure to music, visual arts and aesthetic vocational courses. There is a plethora of musical groups, choirs and instrumental classes to learn from and many opportunities for girls to shine on stage in inter-house or inter-school events. The school has an art gallery which displays some of the finest creations of the students. There are dance and music studios for Performing Arts.

Trips Organized by Mussoorie International School

School trips oragnized by Mussoorie International School enhance learning and make for golden memories
School trips enhance learning and make for golden memories

 Recreation is important for the integral growth of children. In travel, the girls become responsible, learn about new linguistics and cultures, and behold memorable experiences. Therefore, the Mussoorie International School organizes regular trips for the girls. The girls are supervised by the expert guidance of their teachers and housemothers. 

Physical Education

The school believes in maintaining the physical fitness of all students. Special programs organized by the physical department of the school ensure the health of girls. The girls excel in various outdoor and indoor sports: cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, snooker, billiards, TT, badminton, weight-training and athletics to name a few. The girls represent the school in various inter-school competitions and bring laurels to the school. 

Team of Soccer, Mussoorie International School
Team of Soccer, Mussoorie International School

What is the hostel life like at Mussoorie International School?

The resident life at the school is based on pastoral care, aimed at achieving academic, physical and social well being of all students. There are three hostels: Gayatri, Laxmi and Santoshi. The principal, the Housemothers, assistant Housemothers and a range of support staff take care of the daily proceedings. Everyday activities are pre-planned in a well structured manner. The in-charges ensure daily studies. The school encourages girls to participate in activities which value Effort. The hobbies, club activities and Sunday activities ensure that the girls feel involved. The environment at the hostel is creative, wholesome and family like.

What events are organized by Mussoorie International School?

Events at the school keep the students involved and happy.
Events at the school keep the students involved and happy.

Events at the hostel range from inter-house competitions, music and dance fiesta, formal dinners with the Principal, visits to the Theatre, sports and games, trekking, camping and outdoor visits. The dormitories are colorful and equipped with modern amenities. The hostels have recreational spaces, quiet areas, excellent baths and a Library. The hostel life at the school strives to inculcate in every child a desire for truth, decorum, courtesy and high-achievement.

Food and Medical Services

Food served at the hostel is pure vegetarian. The health of the girls is a central priority of the staff. It is sumptuous, multi-cuisine and healthy. A professional nutritionist plans the menu in consultation with the dining hall committee. There are 5 breaks everyday: Breakfast, Juice, Lunch, tea time, snack, Dinner as well as milk and cookies before bed. 

The students must have access to good medical facilities while they stay on campus. Thus, the school hospital ensures the health of the students in case of illness. There is a nurse at all times in the reception. The Mussoorie International School has excellent access to specialist doctors, physiotherapists and other medical experts from Mussoorie and Dehradun. The school understands the value of mental health. Thus, the psychologist of the school shares their problems. 

What is the Admission Procedure?

The school offers admission from all boards who showcase the desire to learn and grow. The admission takes place for grades 1 to 9 and 11. The global learning environment has girls from 27 countries. The school has a well-simplified admission process.

1. The Registration

 Following is a link of the registration form:

Documents required at the time of registration:

-Aadhar Card

-6 passport-sized photographs of the student

-An attested copy of the student’s birth certificate.

2. Submitting the registration, and the registration fee via courier. 

Thereafter, the school will verify the documents and revert if the child is eligible for admission.

3. An online admission test is conducted to check the child’s proficiency in English and Mathematics. This is followed by an interaction with the child and the parents. 

If the student is selected, the parents receive a provisional admission letter from the school. 

4. On receiving the provisional letter, the parents must complete all the formalities and payments to confirm the admission. 

What are the Fee Details for Indian and International Students?

For fee details, you can check the following link:

Indian students:

International students:

Scholarships and Concessions:

For all admission related queries, you may call on +91 6399036060.

Conclusively, the Mussoorie International School is one of the oldest and most reputed boarding schools for girls. It is the place where your girl can spread her wings to identify herself. It provides a secure environment which teaches the girls traditional moral values and modern means of independence. The serene campus is the perfect place for her to grow up inheriting values of confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and resilience. Girls from Mussoorie International School go on to achieve the world. While they succeed, the school remains an active part of their identity, thus keeping alive the adage, ”Once a MiStar, Always a MiStar”.

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