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Children these days are smart and they come up with mind boggling ideas, and the most mischievous of acts. As educators, observing them every day brings in a lot of learning experiences for us. Having a deeper understanding of the thought process in these young minds helps us to pave way towards much refined learning and teaching mechanisms.


At Lexicon Kids we encourage constructive learning, i.e in simple terms, learning through experiences, errors or mistakes and success. Kids are given opportunities where they can explore, put things together in order to make sense and construct their thought process in an efficient way.

In recent times, there has been a lot of insecurity and reservation towards online learning which narrows down to the fact that online learning = screen time for the kids. As the famous cliché goes – “Screen times are a big No-No”, let us first understand the harm that comes from screen time to children and why the same harm will not be inflicted in online learning. Screen time i.e watching videos, cartoon, etc. is a duration during which the child is not interacting. It is a one way flow of information – from the screen to the child. During this time the child’s mind goes into the “Auto-Pilot mode” just receiving information with poor processing and less work for the brain. Whereas in online classes, we switch off this Auto pilot mode as we make the sessions very much interactive and inculcate thought provoking learning in children. The kids are made to think as we kindle their young minds and help their brains function with curiosity and an interest to participate, learn and process information.

It is definitely an overwhelming experience for us as we realize that we have achieved a beautiful balance in transitioning our curriculum into online mode. We have succeeded in establishing online learning as close to regular school as possible and in some aspects even better!

Online Learning
Online Learning

Let’s switch off the Auto-Pilot mode in our kids, help their wonder-filled minds function on its own and put an end to all the myths and misconceptions of online-learning!

Nina Diju


Lexicon Kids Vishrantwadi.

About Myself

Without any doubts or second thoughts, joining Lexicon Kids was one of the best things that I have taken. I am grateful to the Lord Almighty for helping me find my spot in this amazing institution.

I competed my under-graduation in Biotechnology from Madras Christian College and Post-graduation in Biotechnology from VIT University. I wanted to pursue a career in research further and joined many organizations to fulfil this dream, but something was just missing and I felt a calling towards teaching – a profession that almost every other women in my family tree was into; from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins etc. Wanting to train myself further in this beautiful field, I pursed further studies – Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Administration, Diploma in Early Childhood Education. At present I am continuing my further studies in research and working on a thesis for my Masters in Education.

I have been heading my branch, Lexicon Kids Vishrantwadi as the Principal Since 2016, from its very inception. Having established a successful Parent- School relationship, our parent’s trust in the school is our most cherished treasure. A child’s evolution through his/her journey in our pre-school is always magical to witness, from how they came in on day one, how we help them achieve their best and how they leave school as clever and confident individuals well equipped to face their future. The alumni of our schools are still in touch with us sharing their success stories and recognizing the sweet little steps we took for them in their pre-school days.

I eagerly look forward to learn more each day and do my very best to contribute towards the sound upbringing of our young learners – the mighty pillars of tomorrow’s world.

Thank you,

Nina Diju,


Lexicon Kids Vishrantwadi.

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