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Importance Of Quality Time With Children
Importance Of Quality Time With Children

In the whole world, the most awaited and beautiful moment for a mother is the first sight of her newborn and the first cry of her baby. Children are considered the most precious and valuable gifts for their parents. When our grandparents, parents and we were babies, most of us lived in joint families. The elderly members spent almost the whole day with the kids narrating stories, teaching them values, manners, sharing, caring and discipline. All the members in the joint family spent some quality time with the children.    

Today, the scenario is far different than before. Nowadays, we prefer nuclear families in the greed of freedom and self-dependency which brings the problem of financial burden like an ever-growing monster. To give the best to our children both parents are racing the whole day to earn as much as they can without realising that our children need us and not the money. Instead, we let them into the hands of gadgets, friends, maids or babysitters. When parents come home from work, they are so exhausted that they just need time to relax. No parent thinks about the little one who has been waiting all day to share his stories and experiences with them. To compensate, parents bring expensive gifts, send them to some international school or to various activity classes to keep them engaged, spend heavily on their birthdays and the list is never ending. At the end of the day, we find that the children become more demanding, stubborn and unsympathetic in life.

It is not their fault, as they have learnt what we are teaching them involuntarily.  We were taught to love, share, care and respect, listen, understand, obey and do all our work on our own. We fail to instill these values in our children. The only reason is that we are unable to spend quality time with them. I agree, we have to earn money for survival and give the best to our children. But, the question is how much do we need to earn? Are we spending enough time with our children? As time is the most expensive gift. Have we ever thought about the deposits in the memory bank of our children? When we grow old and meet our near and dear ones, the only question each one will ask is about our children but not about the extent of property we possess.

Interactive quality time spent with a child is precious. The child feels important and loved. The child interacts freely, which increases the chance of getting the right information from the child and saves him from getting indulged in the wrong company. They learn to respect their parents and other people around them. They also develop a strong bonding with their parents. Let’s not forget, “To remain in the memories of our children tomorrow, we need to be in their lives today.”

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