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Do you know that we are not the first species of humans to have lived on earth? In fact, we are not even the second or third species to have lived in the world. Many species of humans evolved and went extinct before we, the Homo Sapiens became the dominating residents of this planet.

Not only that, we often forget to acknowledge the life that coexists with us on the earth, but we are as unaware as can be about the humans that lived on the earth before us.

Much like us, they lived in communities, developed their way of communication, formed their own ways of livelihood and some of them even survived longer than we have lived in the world.

Why This Matters

We have often considered evolution to be a long and complex process that led to our existence. We tend to look at the rest of the world as either inferior or inconsequential to us. It is this very thought process that has led to us being detrimental to our very own world. If we understand that there have been species of humans that evolved and became the most sophisticated form of life at their time and they too went extinct for reasons they could not have helped. It is a thought as fascinating as it is humbling.

Here are some of the Human species that lived on this planet before we did-

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