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Let’s start with the basics. What is a plagiarism checker? This is a check of the text for fragments borrowed from open sources on the Internet. For example, you decide to copy part of the text from an article on your topic. Then you handed in the work, and the teacher returned it to you because the percentage of plagiarism was very high.

The uniqueness of the text is an indicator of the quality of the material, which reflects what percentage of the text is copied from other sources without the slightest change. Uniqueness is important not only for a writer who writes texts for web resources but also for students seeking to write an original essay.

Uniqueness is defined as a percentage, and the higher its value, the more original the text. If uniqueness is zero, the text is plagiarized (it is considered that it is copied from another author). With an index of 95-100%, the text is considered unique, having no coincidences with other works posted on the Internet.

Why Is an Application Essay Checked for Plagiarism?

An application essay is not just an essay that demonstrates writing skills when going to a college, but also the only job where a student’s voice can be heard. Essays are extremely important because they are the student’s chance to really speak directly to the admissions office. Prospective students want their essays to impress and increase their chances of being accepted, but they only have a few hundred words to put their plan into action.

A college wants to know what you can offer it. What makes you different from the other 30,000 candidates? For this, an essay is written. The essay paper is your chance to show the college who you are and the chance to prove that you are unique, and it needs a student like you.

Checking the work of students for plagiarism is carried out by a technical specialist: it is carried out with the help of specialized programs that determine the borrowing of text fragments (or the entire text as a whole) from other sources.

Essays can be written off from various sources in part or completely. In the practice of checking essays, some students completely copied someone else’s text, adding to it several sentences of independent conclusions at the end. Of course, such work will not be accepted, and the student will receive a negative result.

Most often, students copy fragments from different sources but they can’t hide this from the experienced eye of the examiner. First of all, the reason is the presence of mistakes and the difference in the style of the copied text from the independently written one. To determine plagiarism in such cases, there is no need to check essays with a special program.

Types of Plagiarism in Application Essays

Several types of plagiarism can be found in application essays of students:

● Copying from the source in whole or in fragments and retelling. The latter is often found in the works of students since it is much easier to write an essay by retelling an already existing coherent text. The retelling of the text makes it partly unique. Such an essay can be as close as possible in style or meaning to the original text.

● There is also a special kind of plagiarism: a compilation from other people’s texts. This happens if the students simply expound the results of other people’s reasoning “in their own words”, without adding absolutely nothing new to the work. Occasionally, students take excerpts from different sources and combine them into a coherent text — but this is plagiarism.

Evaluation Criteria for Application Essays

The essay is assessed according to the specified criteria:

● First of all, the reviewer must make sure that the written text is relevant to the topic. The students are faced with the task of not deviating from the given course and not mentioning the subject of discussion in a short form, devoting the rest of the work to describing extraneous events, reflections, and phenomena. The topic should be fully disclosed.

● The second important assessment criterion is argumentation using additional information. For some time now, applicants have been able to use examples from any work in their essays. And this somewhat facilitates the task.

● The third criterion — the work must be holistic and the logic of reasoning must also be present in the essay.

So, an essay is a small written work on a specific topic, revealing the author’s personal attitude to a specific issue. Recently, the essay has become a very popular type of assignment when applying to colleges. An essay of this type reflects the ability for independent creative thinking and shows the ability to express thoughts in writing.

Your work should be remembered by the selection committee. It’s not easy to do but remember that there is one secret weapon — this is the uniqueness of the text! The challenge of writing essays to enter universities and colleges is necessary for all applicants. And for the best result, you must use your own experience — something that will distinguish you from the thousands of applicants and show your personality.

Writing an essay is not an easy job. The essay should have its original writing style to catch and interest the reader. Collecting information takes a lot of time and effort. Also, it is a creative task and there is not always an inspiration. Many students don’t even know where to start. In such cases, you can contact professionals who will help and teach you how to write an essay without plagiarism. The best option is to pay to get your essay done and see how to write it correctly so that you can write something like that yourself in the future. DoMyEssay is the best choice in this case. It has a fairly serious base of writers. An individual online approach and confidentiality of the transaction are guaranteed to everyone!  

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