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What if our perception of reality is only partially correct and our understanding of possibilities is yet to expand? What if the world, as we know it, is only partially accurate? What if our understanding of space, time, animals, and ourselves is limited and far away from complete reality?

Years ago, it was believed that the earth was flat. This was the biblical worldview. When scientists claimed that it was indeed spherical, they were cast out of their communities and declared offenders. But years later, we know now that the Earth is Spherical. But it is astounding how mankind believed in something so utterly wrong with so much conviction over centuries. If this is how incapable we are about telling right apart from wrong, once we adamantly believe in it, maybe we should be more open to the idea of our perceptions being slightly flawed and limited, if not completely wrong.

Here are some conspiracy theories that might shake your understanding of the world that you live in.

The Galactic Federation – The Alien Interference In Global Politics.

Conspiracy Theories That School Students Must Read About
The Galactic Federation

Th conspiracy of the Galactic Federation is one of the conspiracy theories that school students must read about.

  • If you are a geek for science fiction, you might have at least imagined a time when humans and aliens have discovered each other. The latest conspiracies say that the aliens are not only real but that they are in close contact with the American and Israeli governments.
  • The reason why this conspiracy spread like wildfire is that this was started by reputed government officials, who claimed that the Aliens are already interfering with world political affairs. To add to it, the few percentages of the world population who bought into this theory claim that the current pandemic is also a result of alien interference in world politics.
  • They claim that the aliens operate through a body called the ‘Galactic Federation’. The funny thing is that many intellectuals with a vast understanding of physics and philosophy also believe that this might be true. We cannot make up our minds. What about you?

Time Travel – A Confusing Future Or Just Another Conspiracy?

Conspiracy Theories That School Students Must Read About
Time Travel

Another one of the conspiracy theories that school students must read about is the Time Travel “conspiracy”.

  • When bright minds like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking believe in an idea, who are we to call them conspiracies? Time travel is one of the most fascinating and physics-backed theories of all time. It is said that our understanding and perception of time are only limited to what we need to survive.
  • We do not perceive or respond to sounds beyond a certain frequency because we do not need to and hence our bodies did not adapt to them. Similarly, time itself is believed to be much more complex than what we understand it to be.
  • Scientists believe that time is not linear and that there might not be an idea of past and future outside our perception. It is only relevant because we have ‘now’ or the present as our reference point. But if at all it is possible for us to travel back and forth in time, by some god-forsaken advancement in technology, we still have Albert Einstein’s Grandfather Paradox to get through.
  • Regarding time travel the scientist asked – ‘If you go back in time and kill your grandfather, neither was your father born and nor would you exist. Then who killed your grandfather?”

Time travel has been in question for over a decade now and we are not sure if it is merely a conspiracy, but due to the lack of any subjective evidence, we would still put it on the list.

The Illuminati – Beyond All Logic.

Conspiracy Theories That School Students Must Read About

The Illuminati conspiracy is so famous that it has to be one of the conspiracy theories that school students must read about.

  • Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard about this one. The Illuminati theory is one of the most popular and significantly baseless conspiracy theories of all time.
  • The theory states that there are about 9 extremely powerful people in the world who anonymously work towards changing the world’s orders and how the world works.
  • They are said to have superpowers and here is what is most fascinating. They are said to be anonymous shape-shifters. Meaning, they can take the shape and form of any human and you would never know who is an Illuminati. All of this becomes all the more interesting and funny when celebrities and pop stars like Rihanna and Beyonce are often accused of being one of the Illuminati.
  • We have a difficult time buying into this. However, since Aliens are real and time is fluid, maybe we want to keep a broader mind on this one as well.

Octopus – The Alien Species On Earth

Conspiracy Theories That School Students Must Read About
Octopus (Or Aliens)

Imagine a common aquatic animal being one of the conspiracy theories that school students must read about.

  • If anything about animals or deep-sea creatures excites you, you must have heard numerous theories about Octopuses. To begin with, they look like nothing else on this planet.
  • They are extremely intelligent and exhibit traits of intelligence similar to humans. The tentacles of an octopus have a brain of their own. They have an excellent skill to camouflage themselves and completely change the color and texture of their body in less than a second.
  • Octopuses held in museums have a history of figuring out the escape routes and pushing themselves through drains which eventually leads to the ocean.
  • Researchers have conducted brain experiments on them and they have proved to be pretty smart. They can open the lids of glass jars and show themselves the way out.
  • Besides, they are extremely mischievous, a quality we thought only humans had.
  • Moreover, evolutionary researchers say that the ancestors of Octopuses had shells and there are no explanations as to how quickly they adapted after losing their shells.
  • Many people believe that the reason Octopuses are so mysterious and smart is because they are alien species that came to Earth billions of years ago.

Do you think we coin these conspiracies only to make life a little more exciting by stimulating our brain, or that some people are just capable of perceiving reality however twisted it sounds? School students, who are only beginning to understand Physics and other Sciences, must investigate these conspiracy theories to stimulate their minds and initiate interesting conversations. Students should also watch podcasts about interesting conspiracies. To conclude, one of these things is more fascinating than the other- The reality or our perception of it.

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