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The Central Hindu Boys School is a symbol of historical importance for India. The foundation of the institute was laid by the legendary, lady Dr Annie Besant in the year July 7, 1898. The vision for a bright India materialized at a rented house in Karnaghanta, Varanasi. In order to further enhance the state of education in the country, Naresh Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh donated a building for the establishment in the year 1899. The college was shifted, and the rest is history.

The institute found approval from the Allahabad University to conduct classes up to intermediate levels. However, it was in the year 1914, that the Central Hindu Boys School came under the authority of the Banaras Hindu University. Since then, this school has been an epicentre of learning, achievement and a prominent landmark in the ‘education scene’ of India. Today, it is one of the best schools in Varanasi.


Central Hindu Boys School has since graduated from conducting various pre-university courses to the ‘10+2’ education system in the year 1976. Being affiliated to the CBSE board of education system, the institute has come a long way to grow into an epitome of excellence that it is. Today, the best of brains both nationally and internationally arrive here to pursue a future through quality education. 

Central Hindu Boys School
Central Hindu Boys School


  • To nurture the minds of the future to grow into independent learners with moral values. 
  • To be able to sculpt the personalities of the students into being responsible and respectful citizens of the world.


To bring to the surface, the full potential of each child and to be able to offer the right kind of platform to do so. To help instil in each student, the core values and qualities that will help achieve success in their future. The school does this through:

  • Treating the unique personality of each child to be special
  • Development of good habits through all wakes of life
  • To be able to inculcate within the individuals, good social attitudes and etiquettes
  • To encourage the spirit of perseverance.

Additional Details

Address: Kamachha, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh – 221010, India

Contact: 05422450549, 05422450541

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


Foundation: 1898

School Board: CBSE

Principle: Dr Neetu Wahal

Classes: 6th – 12th

Affiliated to: BHU


  • Shri Vaidhyanath Beanerjee scholarship ( INR 4.24 lakhs)
  • Shrimatri Pratibha Scholarship – This is a complete scholarship offered to two students from Central Hindu Girls School and one student from the Central Hindu Boys School. This is to help the deserving students to achieve their true potential despite financial strains. 

Admission Details and Procedures

Admission Allotted to – classes VI, IX and XI

Application Date – From 1st April of the year

Application forms- Available through the online portal, during the month of April

Admission Criteria – School Entrance Test in May each year.

Admission date – 24th June each year


Class VIINR 5000
Class IXINR 5000
Class XI (Maths)INR 5000
Class XI (Biology)INR 5000
Class XI (Arts, Comm)INR 5000
Class XI (Paid Seat) INR 5000 + INR 20000

Students of Class XI who take Computer Science have to pay extra INR 3000 

Documents Required

  • TC to be bought along for counselling if the candidate has 70 or above marks in General Category
  • TC to be bought along for counselling if the candidate is under the ‘BHU Employee Ward’ category.
  • SET – 2019 Admit Card
  • SET – 2019 registration form
  • Passport-sized Photograph of the student- 4 Nos.
  • Marksheet of 5th, 8th, 10th class of the candidate
  • Character Certificate
  • Certificate for SC/ST/OBS and physically challenged category
  • Caste certificate if any
  • LTC employee certificate – BHU Employee ward category
  • INR 5000 fee, INR 4500 for girls- Admission fee to be submitted at the same time of admission
  • For the ‘paid fee’ category, the students need to appear on the said date with the required stated admission fee amount. 
  • Admissions are subjected to the availability of the seats.
  • A call for the BHU CHS SET counselling does not guarantee admission at Central Hindu Boys School.

The appearance of the candidate at the stated time and date for the admissions for specified streams is mandatory. Absence to do the same will not be entertained.


Central Hindu Boys School
Central Hindu Boys School

The campus covers 70 acres of vast expanses and is a delight in its own right. Central Hindu Boys School is a spectacle of the ancient architecture at full display. Keeping intact the designs of the glorious past, the campus, however, has undergone massive changes. Today, the Central Hindu Boys School is a complete educational institute with all aspects of a successful facility at full function. In fact, it is an experience in itself to walk through the gates of this historic structure and experience the imprints of an important time in history.


Established in the year 1912, the library is an exclusive heritage building called ‘Kashinath Traimbak Telang Library’. Here, one can easily lose themselves into a rich collection of about 30000 literature delights. These include books, magazines, newspapers and digests. In order to enhance the habit of book reading into the personalities of the students, various events of literary focus like the ‘book reading’, ‘Storytelling’, and the much-awaited ‘library week’. 


In order to bring to life the various concepts from the textbooks are the laboratories at the CHS. These includes:

  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Psychology lab
  • Agriculture Lab
  • Geography Lab

The labs at the campus have all the required apparatuses, charts, specimens, tools, models, supplies and more. These are completely modernized with all the safety measures intact. The faculty in-charge of the supervision are well trained and go a step ahead in ensuring the proper application of the lab facility to understand the subjects respectively. 


Staying at par with the current trends, the Central Hindu Boys School is completely modernized asper the ‘smart class’ concept. The infusion of technology to better enhance the overall learning experience is a major aspect. The sessions are well planned as per the syllabus and executed in a manner that helps a better grasp of the concepts.


Sports play a major part of the Central Hindu Boys tradition, and a large part of the infrastructure, faculty and facility is dedicated for the same. In fact, the playground and the training fields at the institute are among some of the best. With proper maintenance, equipment for the various sporting activities as required and a sound infusion of the spirit of sports within each student is of high importance here. The vast playgrounds and gymnasium are prominent facilities that comprise the sports infrastructure at CHS. The various sporting activities include Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table tennis, Athletics and various indoor games as well. Also included are Lawn Tennis, Hockey, Skating ring and more. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

In order to enhance the skills, talents and potentials of each student, the school is divided into four prominent House. These are ‘Shivaji’, ‘ Tagore’, ‘ Ashok’, ‘Raman’. The cultural programs are conducted on a weekly basis and include extra-curricular activities like acting, elocution, recitation, news reading, speech and writing. In order to further enhance the genius of each child, the school organizes the ‘ Ramanujan Memorial Mathematics Contest’ and the ‘Sir CV Raman Science Quiz’. This is to offer a platform for the budding genius of the future and also includes the various schools of the district. These also include ‘scholarships’ to the winners, and the amount ranges from INR 1000 to INR 2500, according to the respective classes.

Also, the school holds workshops within the campus which help the students to practice their creativity and materialize their innovative ideas. These are also used for vocational training, crafts, art, Computer and fruit preservations. 

Academic Achievements 

Class XII Boards CBSE 2019

  • Vishal Gupta- Commerce – 97%
  • Kumar Hritik Verma- Biology – 96.6%
  • Kundan Kumar – Arts – 96.2%
  • Shreshth Mishra – Maths- 95.8%

Class X Boards CBSE 2019

  • Pragyesh Mishra – 97.8%
  • Aman Mishra – 97.2%

The board results for the class X 2019 was 100% at Central Hindu Boys School.

The school is among the top-rated schools in Uttar Pradesh.


Central Hindu Boys School, Varanasi
Central Hindu Boys School, Varanasi

The Central Hindu Boys School is a heritage facility with a log run in offering best results every year. The institute is directly under the affiliation of the Banaras Hindu University, making it one of the most prominent educational institutes in the country. The colleges provided the best infrastructure, facilities, classrooms and faculty. The institute goes a long way in helping out the weaker sections of the society, but have the calibre to reach big heights. This offers a good amount of opportunities to financially challenged students to achieve their dreams.

The fee structure is based keeping in mind the socio-economic structure of the country and aims to reach out to a majority of aspirants. The school provides infrastructure and hostel facilities, keeping in mind the fact that there are students from far and wide who arrive to pursue their education. The institute has remarkable academic achievements and has also been able to represent itself at various national and international levels. 

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.

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