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Update: CBSE exams 2021 for class 10th have been cancelled and CBSE exams 2021 for class 12th have been postponed until further notice.

It is back. The CBSE 2021 board exams are breathing down our necks and we hardly have any time left. This is perhaps one of the most anticipated exams in the country. Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBSE attracts the application of approximately over 12 Lakh students for the 12th boards and 16.5 Lakh students for class 10th boards. Here is everything you need to know about CBSE 2021 exams.

Some Information About the Exam

CBSE 2021 Exams
CBSE 2021 Exams

It is estimated that:

  • 671,103 girl students are appearing for the class 10th boards
  • A total of 495,899 girl students are to be appearing for the 12th boards.
  • A total of 967,325 boys are registered for the class 10th boards
  • A total of 690,407 boys are registered for the class 12th boards
  • About 4,510 differently-abled students appear for class 10th boards and 2846 for the class 12th boards.
  • Exam Centres for Class 10th Boards: 4,453
  • Exam Centres for Class 12th Boards: 4,138

CBSE 2021 Exams: The Pandemic Effect

Despite the student’s plea to cancel the CBSE 2021 exams altogether, the exams are to be held nevertheless. The demand for the cancellation of the exams was mainly due to the Pandemic looming across the world. As the classes were pushed onto the ‘online platform’ the students reported a certain ‘lack’ of preparations as compared to the regular classes of the past. However, the Union Health Minister assured the youth of India that it was a wise decision to go ahead with the CBSE 2021 exams.

The reasons were obvious and important, as cancellation of exams would start a chain reaction of unwanted events that could wrongly affect the future of the students. So, it was a relief as the ‘limbo’ was bough to an end on 31st December as Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal announced the dates for the CBSE 12th Boards. Finally, an official announcement was made that stated that the exam schedules will be released on 2nd February 2021.

On 14th April, however, it was announced that exams for class 10th shall be cancelled and exams for class 12th shall be postponed till further notice.

CBSE 2021 Exam: The Date Sheet

After many assessments with regards to the current Covid-19 situation, the revised and finalized date sheet was released. The Education Minister once again released an official statement in the media for the same. Here are the important dates:

Practical Exams For The CBSE 2021 Boards:

The practical exams are to be held in March, starting on the 1st of the month.

CBSE 2021 Class 12th Boards: Date Sheet(Now Invalid)

Practical Exams 2021
Board Exams: Start Date for Class 12th2021
Board Exams: Finish date for Class 12th2021
Class 12TH Board Results in 20212021
Morning Shift(10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)
Afternoon Shift(2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

Date Sheet of Revised Time Table: Class 12th Boards(Now Invalid)

Date of the ExamSubjects in the MorningSubjects in the Afternoon
May 4, 2021English Elective, English Core 
May 5, 2021Taxation, Carnatic Music (Vocal, MEL INS), Hindustani Music Vocal, Hindustani Music Mel INS, Hindustani music PER INS 
May 6, 2021 Knowledge tradition and practices of India, Nepali, Automotive, Financial Markets Management, Insurance, Electronic Technology, Medical Diagnostics, Kuchipudi Dance, Odissi Dance
May 8, 2021Physical Education 
May 10, 2021Engineering Graphics, Food Production, Media, Shorthand (English), Textile Design     
May 11, 2021Typography & Comp. App., Fashion Studies 
May 12, 2021Business Studies, Business Administration 
May 17, 2021Accountancy 
May 18, 2021Chemistry 
May 19, 2021Political Science 
May 20, 2021Legal Studies, Urdu core, Salesmanship 
May 21, 2021 Urdu Elective, Sanskrit Elective, Sanskrit core, Front office operations, Air conditioning & Refregerating, Design
May 22, 2021Healthcare, Painting, Sculpture, App/Commercial art 
May 24, 2021Biology, Office Procedures 
May 25, 2021Economics 
May 27, 2021FrenchHorticulture, Electrical technology, cost accounting, shorthand Hindi, music production, food nutrition & dietetics, Early childhood care
May 28, 2021Sociology 
May 29, 2021IP, CS, IP (old), CS(Old), IT 
May 31, 2021Mathematics, Applied Mathematics 
June 1, 2021Hindi Elective, Hindi core 
June 2, 2021Web application, Tourism 
June 3, 2021Geography 
June 4, 2021Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Arabic, Telugu Telangana, Japanese 
June 5, 2021Psychology 
June 7, 2021Home science 
June 8, 2021Physics, Applied Physics 
June 9, 2021Banking, yoga, graphics, Kathak, Bharatnatyam 
June 10, 2021History 
June 11, 2021Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Library, Beauty, Agriculture 
June 12, 2021NCC, Marketing, GT 
June 14, 2021Retail, Mass media studiesTamil, Telugu, Sindhu, Gujarati, Manipuri, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Kannada, Tibetan, German, Russian, Persian, Limboo

The Grading System: CBSE Boards 2021

This time, the grading system of the CBSE 2021 exams is going to be of ‘Relative’ type instead of the ‘absolute’ type. The same can be checked at the back of the Marks-sheet and Marks-cum-Certificates. The Subject-wise-grade are displayed on the marks sheet along with the Marks obtained.

For the year 2021, the CBSE has issued a letter to the Principals of all the CBSE schools explaining in details the ‘Grading system’ 2021:

  • A-1 – Top 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • A-2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • B-1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • B-2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • C-1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • C-2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • D-1 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • D-2 – Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  • E – Essential Repeat

CBSE 2021 Board Exams Date Sheet: Important Facts

  • Conducting body: CBSE
  • Website:
  • Total Subject for 10th: 75
  • Total Subject for 12th: 111
  • The Morning shift exams answer sheet will be given out between 10 to 10:15 a.m.
  • The Afternoon shift exams answer sheets will be given out between 2 to 2:15 p.m.
  • To start with, the students need to fill in their details and have the sheet signed by the assistant superintendent.
  • The internal assessment /practical exams/ Projects will start in March.

CBSE 2021 Board Exams: Availability of Admit Card

CBSE 2021 Exams
CBSE 2021 Exams
  • The Admit card is available on the official website:
  • An ‘Affiliation number’ is required to check the Roll Number and the Admit Card
  • The Admit Card can be downloaded from the Website. For this:
  • Log on to the official website
  • Click on ‘Class 12 board exam permission letter 2021′.
  • Enter your Application ID and DOB on the new page
  • The Admit Card will be displayed
  • Take the Print out of the same.
  • The Admit cards/Hall tickets are also to be distributed by the respective schools before the exams.

Current Changes in The Board Exam Schedule(Now Invalid)

  • There have been certain changes regarding the CBSE 2021 exams. These are as follows:
  • The exam dates for the Science papers for Class 10th have been changed: May 15 to May 21
  • The Exam dates for the Maths paper for Class 10th has been changed: May 21 to June 2
  • The exam dates for the Physics Paper for Class 12th has been postponed: From May 13 to June 8th
  • Printed tables will be provided for the students appearing for Accountancy exams for the CBSE 2021 exams.
  • This is similar to the Graph paper provided for the Maths exams during the boards.
  • Samples of the Printed Paper is available on the official website:

CBSE Boards 2021: Preparation Tips

With the last 30 days to go before the boards, one can easily panic. Board exams are one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life. However, for the same reason, it is important to be well-prepared for the board exams as well. The biggest tip is to remain balanced and maintain a stable mindset. Here are a few important pointers to help you crack the boards’ and emerge with flying colors:


This is the very first, an important step towards the board’s preparation. This includes aspects such as Day distribution, allotting the difficult chapters prime spots on your timetable, time management, and timing yourself for question-solving.

Your Notes

This is perhaps the most important tip for the board’s preparations. Be sure to write down your notes as you study a certain chapter from a certain subject. This is not only great to revise as and when you require, but, also allows you a ‘customized’ study material that is personal to your reading habits. Bullet points are the best way to jot down the important aspects of a certain chapter. These are ‘eye-catching’ and often easy to recall.

Sample Papers

These are the best when it comes to practicing the ‘real deal’. Download, buy, borrow sample papers and be sure to solve them. A single set per day is a perfect way to sharpen your concepts. Likewise, try and time yourself too, as you do so. Also, the previous 10 years’ question papers are simply important, and must not be missed at any costs. Get them and solve them to understand the ‘pattern’ and the repetitive important questions.


It is common for the students today to go for coaching classes and tuitions. But nothing is better than self-study. Be sure to sit down with yourself and go through the concepts by yourself. Reading, solving, and understanding by yourself is a perfect way to brush-up your ‘board skills.


This is yet another point when it comes to getting a grip over the concepts. While completing the entire syllabus beforehand is recommended, but so is revising the concepts from the start repeatedly. This allows the students to stay in touch with all the important concepts of each chapter regularly.

Take Breaks

Be sure to treat yourself well, now and then. It is recommended to time your breaks as well. This could include indulging in any physical activity you like, taking a stroll, or talking to someone you like. Never let negativity envelope your thinking. It is advisable to stay upbeat and positive as you prepare for your board exams. It is important to push-in a few ‘nuggets of fun’ as you speed up towards your goals. Stay happy, positive, and optimistic about your future. Be confident about your strong points and work on your weaknesses gradually. Never let the latter demotivate you in any way.


The CBSE 2021 boards are here. However, this is not the end of the world, but rather a start for a new chapter to your future life. Stay connected with the right channels for your updates and any relevant changes. As the Covid-19 has engulfed our lives, it is recommended not to panic about the outcome and rather focus on the preparations. It is an understood fact about the current situation, and the education channels are very much here to help you get the best results at the end of the day. Stay safe, stay positive.

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.

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