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Ooty is also known as Udhagamandalam is a town and municipality. Located in the Nilgiris district of the southern India state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty has many gardens, parks, dam, reservoirs and historical buildings but the town also houses some of the best boarding schools in India. The facilities and the standard of education are considered as one of the highest in India. These schools are popular among India as well as some of the neighbouring countries.

4. The Blue Mountain School Ooty

Best Boarding Schools in Ooty - Blue Mountain School Ooty
Blue Mountain School Ooty

Established in 1962 by F.G. Pearce. The Blue Mountain school has an over 4-acre campus on the southeastern slopes facing the Ooty valley, Tamil Nadu. Blue Mountain is a residential co-ed English medium school. Affiliated to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), the student-teacher ratio is 10:1. Carved with philosophy and creative education as developed by well-known educationists David Horsburgh, J.P. Gunawardane and Sardar Mohammed Malik.

Blue Mountain aims to help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a compassionate, competent global citizen. The school works on four learning principles that are learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. These pillars provide cognitive tools, skills, self-analytic and social skills. Administered by The Frederick Gordon Pearce Educational and Charitable Trust.

The Blue Mountains School is one of the best boardings schools in Ooty. Divided into three steps, the curriculum consists of an elementary school, middle school, and high school. The first step provides a beautiful environment for 3 to 6-year-old children to absorb and learn. This reins from Pre-School 1,2,3 to Class 1st. Children have a three-hour learning cycle, choosing their work, from Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, and practical life.

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Middle school is for 12 to 14 years old students, studying in classes 7th, 8th, and 9th. Trained with course material provided by Cambridge University for the academic development of students. It helps in providing a strong foundation for preparing the students for the IGCSE, Class 10th exam.

High school is for students, aged between fifteen to seventeen years old. This part of the school consists of students studying for the board examinations and who will be appearing for the 12th ISC /AS and A-Levels of the Cambridge International Examinations. Encouraged to choose according to what they would like to study further students can select their respective fields according to their skills, interest, and counselling from faculty.

Registration for new admission is open from 15th January every year. The minimum age for admission in 1st class is six years. The registration form costs around INR 1500. The parents can give the amount using a demand draft. The students who are applying for admissions are not tested or interviewed. The earlier work of the student is reviewed and discussed with them. The school accommodates the students as per the discussions done with the students and their parents.

Equipped with all necessities required for the proper grooming of the students, each dorm at the Blue Mountain School boarding house contains only 14 students. The resident teacher takes care of the students and maintains discipline. Co-Curricular activities have the same importance as academic subjects. On all weekends the school organises Treks, Walks, Hikes, Field Visits, or Micro-economic projects for the students.

3. Lawrence School Lovedale

Best Boarding Schools in Ooty - Lawrence School Lovedale
Lawrence School Lovedale

Established on 6th September 1858, and named after the founder Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence. Located on the central plateau of the Nilgiri Hills that is 6 km away from the Ootacamund in Lovedale, Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

The school is 7200 feet above sea level, and the climate is temperate throughout the year. The school covers over 710 acres and has a local railway station which is on the Ootacamund-Mettupalayam meter gauge hill.

Lawrence School was under British administration until two years before independence, after which it came under the supervision of India. After the takeover by the Government of India as a public school, 40 per cent reservation of seats and a 20 per cent fee subsidy, for children of Defence Personnel was mandated. Lawrence School is like a miniature India, as children from many communities from all parts of the country and overseas, study here.

The Lawrence School runs under the aegis of The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. Ranked 15th in the EW C-fore India School Rankings 2012, the school’s primary teaching medium is English, and the teacher-student ratio is 15:1. The classes are from class 1st to class 12th. There is a total of 855 students in the school and is one of the best boarding schools in Ooty.

Lawrence is one of the premier residential, public schools in India and provides a competitive level of education. It is also a member of Round Square International.

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Divided into Preparatory School that is till class 5th, Junior school that is from class 6th to 8th and Senior School that is from 9th to 12th. Considered as one of the best boarding schools in Ooty, the curriculum has an enhanced the learning process. Girls have their different Girls School and go to the respective schools for classes. School provides a lot of facilities for sports and extracurricular activities and promotes the overall fitness of the students.

Admission for new academic years starts in March. Therefore at this time, you can apply for admission. You can apply by filling the application form, and the application form is available in the school’s office. Ensure to attach all necessary documents with the application form. After receiving your application form, the school will determine if you are eligible for the seat and will notify you.

As being one of the top residential, public schools in India, Lawrence school provides excellent accommodation for students. The four dorms are Aravali, Nilgiri, Sumeru, and Vindhya. Categorised according to the age and sex of the student the school has the best dorm system. All necessities are provided within the campus. The vision of Lawrence School is to nurture the intellect of every student in a caring and aspiring environment.

2. Hebron School Ooty

Best Boarding Schools in Ooty - Herbon School Ooty
Herbon School Ooty

Established in 1899, Hebron co-ed residential School. Located in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Hebron aims to provide affordable International education to the students. Situated in 20 acres around the former stately home of Lushington Hall, it shares the same entrance with the Ooty botanical gardens. Acknowledged by the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) the school contains students from over 25 different nationalities. Along with academics, the faculty also emphasise the overall development of the students and is one of the best boarding schools in Ooty.

Hebron has two different campuses Lushington and Selborne that are 2 km apart from each other. Lushington is the main school building constructed around the Lushington hall. There are several academic and residential buildings present in the Lushington campus. Here includes classes, laboratories, swimming pool, auditorium, sports hall, playing ground, and different dorms for boys and young girls. In contrast, Selborne contains residential accommodations for senior girls. The school buses act as a transport medium between Lushington and Selborne for senior girls.

Students here follow the International British school system. They study for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and eventually A and AS levels. The exams are assessed by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) board and by Edexcel, London. The English National Curriculum leading to IGCSE is taught in 10th and 12th standards and to ‘A’ levels in the 12th and 13th standards. Hebron has three standards, which comprise the primary, middle, and secondary school curriculum. The primary stage provides a foundation for the students whereas middle and Secondary stages comprise of core subjects.

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The General Certificate of Education (GCE) has advanced level courses that are taught in standard 12th and 13th. Four ‘AS’ courses are only taught in class 12th. The examinations are held at the end of the year. Most students then go on to take three of these courses at ‘A2’ level, therefore completing the full ‘A’ level in these subjects.

Students interested in music are eligible and can apply for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM). Examiners from the United Kingdom conduct the exams within the campus. The school promotes to track and field activities that contain swimming, cross-country running, football, hockey, cricket etc. Volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, squash, softball, and touch rugby are also there.

For applying for admission in Hebron, you have to give a strong reason why you want to apply for an international curriculum in India. The reason should be explained in a letter. All the applicants must apply before the end of January. The competition for admission in Hebron is very high as there are a limited number of seats and is one of the best boarding schools in Ooty. Day scholar students have a very low quota as Hebron is primarily a boarding school.

Hebron provides excellent accommodation facilities for the students. Divided according to different age groups and sex there are a total of 15 dorms on both campuses. Selborne campus contains dorms for senior girls, and Lushington includes dorms for boys of all age groups and young girls. Hebron helps students to adjust and be comfortable in residential life by arranging open communication with parents and orientation at school.

1. Good Shepard International School Ooty

Best Boarding Schools in Ooty - Good Shepard International School Ooty
Good Shepard International School Ooty

Established in 1977 by Dr P C Thomas, The Good Shepherd International school covers the 188-hectare campus at Palada, Ooty, Tamil Nadu. Equipped with 56 lecture rooms, golf courses, swimming pools, rifle range, two lecture theatres, stables, medical centre, the school is considered as one of the best boarding schools in Ooty. The faculty of the school aims to nurture talent in students and to prepare them for future challenges through academic excellence and discipline. The school ranked as the 8th best boarding school in South India by the education world C-fore survey 2012.

Along with 56 classrooms, the school contains six computer labs where students have access to the web and different professional software. There are laboratories known as audiovisual laboratories that act as video media, and it allows the students to explore the world of modern learning. The library contains over 1 lakh books and has subscribed to over 75 magazines, journals, and papers. The library management system is a part of the centralised database, which improves the efficiency and availability of the books.

Good Shepherd International School emphasises the overall development of the students, including physical fitness. The campus contains basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton courts, stables with around 40 horses, and four indoor squash courts.

Good Shepherd International School has an affiliation to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). Students have the opportunity to opt for the IB diploma in the final two years of secondary school. The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) has planned a two-year curriculum program. That leads to a Certificate that is internationally recognised as equal in standard to the British GCSE and International GCE ‘O’ LEVEL Examinations.

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The classes start in the middle of July every year. The school is from class 3rd to class 12th. Interested students for admissions have to appear for the aptitude test in English and Mathematics. Held in March and June every year the student must clear the aptitude test and personal interview with the coordinator of the class. For admission in class 11th parents must visit the school alongside with candidate. They must have the academic report of class 8th, 9th, and 10th as choosing stream will be based upon the performance in the boards.

Good Shepherd International School is a full-time residential school containing excellent accommodation facilities for the students. Separate dorms are available for different age groups of students so that the students grow with their peers with the same age group. Divided into sub juniors, juniors, inter, seniors and super senior boys and girls each dorm contains facilities, including audio systems, television, etc. Nutritious and well-balanced food is given to the students with separate vegetarian, Jain, and non-vegetarian kitchen. The school also contains a hospital with 40 beds, ICU, ambulance, and well-qualified doctors and nurses.

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Aakash Sharma

As a writer, my literary identity is continuously evolving and blossoming. The reason I write is not for myself but for my readers. The relationship between a writer and a reader is interlaced. A writer needs his work to be read and explored by his readers. Therefore, I make sure that my writings are understandable to my readers, and they can relate or gain knowledge from my work.

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