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Update for Delhi Schools Admissions 2021-2022

Update: According to various sources, a proposal about scraping Delhi school admissions is being considered by the Government of Delhi for the academic session of 2021-2022. More details will be available soon.

The Admission Hype

Education is one of the most important steps for the socio-economic development of a nation. Literacy and access to a good education are some of the prominent symbols of a successful government. Likewise, admissions are one of the major ‘events’ within the schedule of importance for any state, city, and country. Delhi school admissions have always managed to capture the ‘buzz’ when it comes to the excitement surrounding it. Being the capital city, it is a place of national importance and all news is big news.

School admissions in Delhi are competitive, and securing a seat at one of the institutes is a matter of privilege. Here is a guide to admissions in Delhi for you.

Current Scenario

A Guide to school Admissions in Delhi
A Guide to Admissions in Delhi

The admission process during the pandemic has changed. The process has the ‘new-normal’ trend as well. The applications have gone online and the registration process is taking place in a ‘phased manner’. This is to bring about a sense of order and to avoid anxiety revolving around the future of education. Many parents are not accustomed to the new form of online admission; hence we have brought you a guide to school admissions in Delhi so you can understand it better.

It has been estimated that the total online application for classes 6th to 12th is 64,995. Out of this, 64, 450 students have been allotted seats. The first phase of admissions concluded on September 30th, 2020. The second phase will end on October 15th for grade 9th to 11th and October 26th for classes 6th to 8th.

Non-Planned Admissions 2020-21

The ‘non-planned’ admissions or the admission aside from the feeder school usually begins in April every year. However, with the ongoing Pandemic situation, the process has started ‘online’. This is a huge sense of relief for the parents who have been waiting for the process to take shape. This time around the non-planned admissions will be:

  • Completely Online
  • Will extend till September 8
  • Helpdesks have been set up at various schools to assist the process
  • All schools also have ‘Helplines’ available to assist the online process.
  • The process of verification will be done ‘in person’ by the candidates with documents in place.
  • The admission will be confirmed only after the physical verification of the documents

Nursery Admissions

A well-planned admission procedure has been panned-out by the Directorate for 2020-21. Admissions to the entry-level classes have been scheduled. This is for the open seats in the Private unaided recognized schools for the year 2020-21. Here are the important dates:

Uploading of the criteria in a particular department28/11/2019
Availability of the admission forms29/11/2019
Last date of submission of forms27/11/2019
Details of the students who have applied under the Open Seats10/1/2020
Uploading of the marks of the students that have applied for the admissions17/1/2020
The first list of selected students24/1/2020
Queries and resolutions for the parents regarding the First list27/1/2020 – 03/02/2020
The Second List of selected candidates12/2/2020
Queries and Resolutions for parents regarding the Second list13/02/2020- 19/02/2020
Subsequent List Display06/03/2020
Admissions closed16/03/2020

Selection Criteria

While studying a guide to school admissions in Delhi, it is also important to understand the criteria for admission. Here os some information about this:

  • The admission to the private unaided schools in Delhi under the General Category is done through the ‘Point System.
  • The Points are assigned as per the ‘Selection Criteria adopted by each school.
  • The Maximum points are 100.
  • The candidate with the maximum points is selected as per the seats available in the school.
  • In the case of ‘Same Scores’, a Lucky draw is used as the deciding factor.
  • The final parameters of point allotment are executed by the school alone in case of admissions.
  • The distribution of points is done as per the school’s choice alone.
  • The points that have been abolished by the government cannot be included by any institute.

Additional Criteria

Some schools give priority to students on the basis of various factors. They include:

  • Neighbourhood: Most schools give preference to the students residing nearby. The school calculates distance using either ‘Radial Calculation’ or ‘Distance by Road’.
  • Alumni: There are schools in Delhi that give preference to the candidates if their parents are ‘Alumnus’ of the institute. This also varies from school to school. Some schools consider an alumni as a student who studied for 1 year while others require a minimum of 5 years of study.
  • The Girl Child: Some institutes reserve seats for girls during admissions.
  • Staff Ward: Certain institutes offer seats to the children and also grandchildren of the Staff at school. Eg Bal Vikas Public School.
  • Only Child: There are a few institutes that offer preference to the only child.
  • Delhi Police Personnel: Some schools have criteria for the children of the Delhi School Personnel.
  • Single Parent: Some institutes offer seats to the children of single parents as well.
  • Transferred From Other Schools: Certain schools also allot points to the students that have been transferred from other schools. This includes interstate, city, or international transfer.
  • Regional Minority: Some schools allot points to the regional minority students as well. Eg Montfort School, Jaspal Kaur Public School.
  • Adopted Child: There are cases where points are allotted for adopted children.

Admission Grievance Cell

Admission Grievance Cell
Admission Grievance Cell
  • The DOE has set up a District Admission Monitoring Committee (DAMC) at each district in Delhi.
  • The Director and Directorate of Education is the chairperson of the DAMC.
  • Help Desks at District Offices will assist the parents on topics concerning the admission process.
  • This Help Desk will be functional until the end of admissions.


  • As per the High Court order, no school can collect capitation fee/ donation from the parents at the time of admissions.
  • In case of withdrawal of Admission: The school can retain:
    • Registration fee
    • One month tuition fee
  • Any other charges can be refunded within 15 days by displaying the right receipts.
  • Schools must collect fees only monthly from the parents.

Documents Required for School Admissions in Delhi

  • The latest photograph of the child, father, mother, and family photo.
  • Aadhar card of the: child, father mother
  • A temporary Enrollment Slip can also be produced at the time of the admissions.
  • Details and Spellings should be the same in all documents.
  • Correct and authorized Birth Certificate of the child should be in place.
  • At least 20 self-attested photocopies of the documents should be ready.
  • Residential proof: Ration card, Smart Card bearing the name of the parents.
  • Domicile Certificate: Child or parents.
  • Voter I card of any parent.
  • Electricity bill/MTNL telephone bill/Water bill/Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
  • Medical/ immunization certificate issued by a registered Medical practitioner.
  • Letter by the Priest: for Catholic students
  • Baptism Certificate: for Catholic students
  • Religion minority certificate.
  • Affidavit: Single parent
  • Death/Divorced certificate in case of Single parent.
  • Affidavit of Single Child
  • Affidavit of Twin Children
  • Transfer Certificate in case of transfer.
  • Staff ID in case of staff children
  • National Certificate of parents that are national awardees.
  • Affidavit for Inter-community marriage.
  • Affidavit for Distance from school.

Seat Break-up For Private Unaided Institutes

  • 25%- EWS, DG
  • 5% – Staff Quota
  • 20%- Management Quota
  • 50%- General Category.

Age Criteria

  • Nursery/ Preschool: 3 Years- 4 years (for those born between 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016) including the upper and lower dates.
  • KG/Pre-Primary: 4 years- 5 years (for those born between 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015) including the upper and lower dates.
  • Class 1: 5 years- 6 years (1st April 2013- 31st March 2014)

Admission Process

Admissions in Delhi
Admissions in Delhi

With the ongoing pandemic, the application process and registrations have become a challenge. As it is not possible to travel, various new options are available. There are various resourceful and reliable ‘Third-party platforms’ that offer a guide to admissions in Delhi. These registered and reliable sources offer swift and smooth admissions to parents. The best part is that now you can easily apply to several institutes at the same time. With the hi-tech application processes, uploading and scanning of documents and submissions through the online channels are the new-norm.

This new method of online applications has been explored due to the current situation. The results have been encouraging and quite positive. Various schools have opted for online platforms and have also recognized various ‘education platforms’ that are exclusive for the process of admissions.

It is however the responsibility of the parents to investigate the authenticity of these platforms thoroughly to be able to rely on them for admissions.

Application Procedure

  • Visit the website This is the official website of the Education Department Govt of NCT of Delhi.
  • Download the Application form and the Prospectus of the School.
  • Fill the Application form carefully and correctly.
  • All the required documents both Original and a photocopy should be ready and attested.
  • Submit the required documents as per the dates at the venue listed.
  • Keep printouts and photocopies of your applications.

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I have a passion for word play and considers language as a tool for much deeper human expressions. I aspire to help the youth 'write a new start ' through this wonderful platform. Currently I am working on learning to enrich my 'Urdu'.

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